Multi-threat protection



  • Skeletac Hybrid Bulletproof Vest

  • Skeletac Hybrid Bullet And Stab Proof Vest

  • Skeletac Hybrid Bulletproof Vest Flexcore


  • Stab Proof Bulletproof Body Armor “Livewire”

  • Bullet and Stab Proof Concealable Body Armor “Spectre” Level 3A

  • Torque Stab Proof and Bulletproof Tactical Vest

  • Concealable Bulletproof and Stab Proof Vest “Quantum” Level 3A

  • Bulletproof and Stab Proof Overt Body Armor “Primer” Level 3A

  • Bulletproof And Stab Proof Concealed Armor T-shirt “Apex”

  • Stab Proof and Bulletproof Tactical Vest Level 3a “Comp-28”



Though a bulletproof vest can stop gunshots, many people don’t know that they don’t offer much protection against stabs from sharp objects. So, Stab proof vests are specifically designed to stop pointed instruments (knifes, blades, spikes) attacks to the chest, back and sides of your body. A stab vest can also be needle-proof and slash-proof. 

Some stab vests also offer protection against small pistol calibers. Stab vests are used by police officers as a part of their standard-issue uniform.

Yes, Stab vests can be very effective against stabs and slashes from knives, and they have saved thousands of lives. Knife crimes are quite relevant in the US, and the fact that the police use these vests for their protection is a solid testament to their effectiveness.

On several occasions, civilians in the US have also used a stab vest for their protection against stabbing attacks. These vests also protect correctional officers from getting stabbed in prison all over the US.

Most stab vests are made from high density aramid fabric, however, some manufacturers use other materials like Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. Kevlar (Aramid) fibers are very strong on their own, and when they are tightly woven or coated with proper substances, they can stop an edged weapons from penetrating your panel and then your skin. It is similar aramid that is also used to make ballistic body armor.

When someone tries to stab a aramid stab resistant vest, the blade gets caught in the fabric layers instead of penetrating. These vests can also offer spike protection against improvised weapons like ice picks, and needles.

Some stab proof armor is also created from chainmail, which is woven between the fabric of coats of jackets. They are stab and slash resistant, but they are heavy, bulky and don’t work well against spikes and needles.

Now, the answer to this question depends on which country or state you are from, however in the US, wearing any kind of body armor is perfectly legal in all states. Therefore, you can also wear a stab vest without any worries. It is perfectly legal for a civilian to own and wear stab resistant body armor in public.

However, though it is not illegal, wearing stab resistant armor over your clothes as a civilian can draw some unnecessary attention. This is where concealable stab protection vests come in handy.

More info about levels of protection can be found in Armor Guide.

As far as costs are concerned, stab and spike-proof vests are considerably more affordable than a ballistic vest. Ballistic vests might cost anywhere between $300 to $1500+, but you could get a good stab proof vest for as low as $280. If you are looking for more affordable options, you should check Apex Dual Protection Armored T-shirt – it’s available with anti-stab panels for less than $300.

General-purpose stab and spike proof vests may cost between $300 to even $1,500. The prices vary depending on fabric thickness and material used in the manufacturing process.  

The big question now is whether or not these vests will suit your particular needs. To determine whether they do or don’t, you’ll need to know how much protection you require. This can vary significantly depending on where you plan on wearing your vest and what kind of activity may lead up to a violent encounter.



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