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Legality and restrictions in buying, wearing, and travelling with body armor.

When it comes to wearing body armor, buying, and transporting body armor, there are very few regulations that you have to be aware of. The one big federal regulation of body armor, is that you cannot purchase it as a felon. The other, is that you cannot wear it while committing a robbery. Outside of that, body armor is legal to be worn and purchased anywhere, at any time, by almost anyone. If you really wanted to, you could wear body armor during your normal day to day activities and not be in violation of any sort of law, regardless of the armor being overt or concealable.

State Level Restrictions

At the state level, it can vary, but generally speaking, the only state to really regulate the use and sale of body armor is Connecticut. In Connecticut, you cannot buy or sell body armor online, everything must be done face to face. In terms of interstate travel, there is no set rules our guidelines, nor are there any guidelines in terms of when you can and cant wear body armor. In fact, Body Armor can be worn on a plane in a similar fashion to any other form of clothing.

Sale Restrictions

Many people have heard that body armor was illegal, this is not the case. However, companies have taken it upon themselves in order to keep armor out of the hands of citizens, and will not sell to anyone that is not a current LEO or military member. Barring felons, we will sell to anyone, as personal protection and safety is a universal human right, and not one just for the elite.

Travelling overseas

it comes to rifle protection. Level 3 plates are rated to stop threats up to .308 caliber and are extremely light weight. What this means is that you are able to walk around with armor plates that are capable of stopping most of the most common rounds that come out of the most common rifles on the planet such as the AR-15 (.223/5.56), FN-FAL (7.62/.308), and lastly the AKM (7.62/5.45). Level 3 body armor plates have a lot of versatility in the fact that they can stop all these rounds without being too heavy and are usually much cheaper than the next steps up in body armor protection which are level 3+ and Level 4. Additionally, level 3 plates can be made solely of PE, a light weight, DURABLE, polymer. When you start getting into the higher levels of protection, such as with level 3+ and level 4 plates, that must also be made with Ceramic materials as well. While these materials are encased in PE they are not as durable and can be prone to cracking if hit with enough force. It is for this reason that the level 3 plates are often seen as superior to those of 3+ and level 4 despite not being able to stop as many rounds.

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  1. Henry T

    I didn’t even know there was certain laws and regulations when purchasing body armor, this really helped to
    clear the questions I had about body armor.

    Thank you so much! Very educational!

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