Cobra Buckle

An A metal lock/release Cobra Buckle holds the Range Belt securely in place on your body, even under heavy tactical use and abuse.  The Cobra Buckle also utilizes a metal D-Ring for climbing carabiner or personal lanyard deployment- safety with structure.

2x Belt System

Designed with a wide range of combat and tactical uses in mind, the 2-belt system uses the inner pant belt as a solid base. A hard-nylon insert inside the core of entire pant belt’s length, provides a rigid platform for the outer tactical belt, which is made of tactical nylon material for a durable anti-flex structured battle-ready belt.

Load-bearing battle-belt

The Range Belt can be deployed as a load-bearing battle-belt system able to mount tactical holster, magazine holders, radio communications, tactical torch light pouch, IFAKs, etc.. by utilizing the Range Belt’s two rows of laser cut slots along the belt’s outer surface to secure equipment using MOLLE straps.

Made In Europe

Made of heavy-duty but lightweight tactical nylon webbing, the Range Belt is hand made and assembled with European stitching, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

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