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  • Rapid Deploy Bulletproof Backpack Level IIIA MOLLE

  • Bulletproof Backpack Level IIIA Rapid Deploy Laser-Cut

  • Dual Protection 11×14″ Bullet and Stab Proof Insert

  • Dual Protection 10×12″ Bullet and Stab Proof Insert

  • Level IIIA Bulletproof Soft Armor Insert 10×18″

  • Level IIIA Bulletproof Soft Armor Insert 11×17″

  • Level IIIA Bulletproof Soft Armor Insert 11×14″

  • Level IIIA Bulletproof Soft Armor Insert 10×12″

Bulletproof Backpacks

All you need to know about Bulletproof Backpacks

A bulletproof backpack is a backpack bag that has ballistic material built-in. Those backpacks are bullet-resistant, not bulletproof. Due to the lifesaving nature of these bags, they must be tested to ensure they cannot be penetrated by projectiles.

Backpacks vary in materials and protection levels as well as overall cost. There are two main types of protective backpack paneling: hard armor plates or soft armor panels. Hard Armor Plates  (HAP) are made of metals like steel, titanium alloy or ceramic (commonly used on armored vehicles), which have been hardened into a plate form and then applied to a bag. Soft Panels (SAP) are level IIIA panels similar to those used in vests and are constructed using fibers such as Kevlar aramid fiber. We find those to be a perfect compromise between mobility and protection. Soft armor panel is more lightweight than metal and offers a lighter alternative while maintaining the same protection level.

The short answer is – YES, they do work. Such backpacks are capable of stopping multiple rounds when a proper ballistic panels are inserted. Basically they work same as bulletproof vest: ballistic panel incorporated in the bag is designed to stop handgun or rifle threats depending on the level of protection you will choose. Also they are lighter and much more comfortable than traditional vests.

Depending on the type of backpack inserts you will equip your backpack with, it can protect from handgun threats like 9mm round or .44 Magnum (National Institute of Justice level IIIA) or rifle threats such as 7.62×51 M80 or even .30-06 round if you decide to wear Level 4 body armor (National Institute of Justice level IV) in your backpack. Ace Link Rapid Deploy Backpack comes with standard with 2pcs Level IIIA Soft ballistic panels capable of stopping all handgun threats.

If you’re looking for enhanced protection, make sure you check our stab proof Soft Armor Panels which when inserted, provide additional protection against stabs and slashes.

Well, if you’re talking about kids and their level of safety then yes. You certainly don’t want your child to get hit by a stray bullet while he/she is sitting in a classroom with other students or going for an after school activity or even walking home from school! That is extra peace of mind that bulletproof backpack will bring to you.

For adults bulletproof backpacks can be a great asset as well! If you’re traveling in an area where there is a high chance of being robbed or shot, bulletproof backpack could save your life!  It’s like carrying bulletproof vest – it protects from seemingly random gun shots when you least expect them.

Nowadays bulletproof backpacks are not expensive at all since they became very popular and people started looking for secure ways to protect their kids. It is just another tool that can help keep you safe but we strongly recommend taking proper training before using one of these bags so the risks are eliminated.

In the USA bulletproof backpacks are legal. There are no regulations on buying bulletproof clothing so it can be purchased and used legally. Some states have restrictions on what is considered body armor, so it’s important to be aware of the law in your area before ordering a bulletproof item.

It is also advisable that you first have a conversation with your children about the purpose to carry a bulletproof backpacks or vest as well as what they should do if they find themselves in a situation where a bullet-resistant article of clothing is needed. Education is very important – invest in peace of mind today!

Wearing a ballistic body armor is not illegal. You can wear bulletproof vests and or other tactical gear to school as long as you’re not using them during the committing of a crime.

Bulletproof backpacks can be worn to school or a sporting event as long as it is not used during the committing of a crime. Education properties are considered safe zones for and bulletproof bags. It’s also important that parents speak with school officials to ensure that safety measures are implemented in schools.

We would say yes, especially in states where gun violence has increased and your child’s school doesn’t have a proper security system in place. While this might seem like overkill, you can’t put a price on you feeling better knowing that your loved one will be safe during a shooting situation!  

Even if you don’t think there is a high chance of being shot while in school, ballistic backpack might help protect from random shooting and violence. We recommend all parents to have them at home (just in case) just like they have fire extinguisher (in case of house fire). It’s important to be prepared!

Bullets proof backpacks come in many different styles, sizes, and prices but bullet resistant gear can range from $100-$1000 or more. You should determine what part of your body you’re most concerned with protecting first when looking into bullet proof products. Once you’ve done this it’s easier to decide the style of bulletproof vest or backpack that suits your needs best!

Our company offers a Rapid Deploy Bulletproof Backpack for $349, with a rugged design that has accessibility for anyone to use from child to adult. This bulletproof backpack is designed for comfort and will work to protect you no matter where you are. Outfitted with inserts for level 3A armor panels or plates, these inserts are specifically designed for our backpack and can be quickly deployed during an active shooting or any type of situation to be up against handgun or rifle firearms to provide protection for your torso and back.

There are many places that sell bullets-resistant clothing but we recommend visiting our website where we offer bulletproof backpacks for sale as well as bullet resistant vests and bullet proof clothing at very affordable prices! If you’re still a bit unsure about whether or not bullet proof backpacks are worth the cost we suggest checking out our website where you will also find information on what bulletproof gear is available for children to wear to school, sporting events, etc.

If you have any additional questions that weren’t mentioned here please feel free to contact our company via email: info@acelinkusa.com or checkout our FAQ section available on the site.



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