Security Guard wearing Apex Concealable Bulletproof T-Shirt

Apex Bulletproof Shirt

Concealable Armor T-Shirt

Discreet way to protect yourself

Apex Bulletproof Shirt


Constructed from moisture wicking 85% polyester/15% spandex compression fabric with antimicrobial properties built.

Armor Plate

All the protection of a light armor vest with the convenience and comfort of a t-shirt.


Made from moisture-wicking, breathable compression fabric with built-in antimicrobial properties to keep you cool and dry.


The armor pocket is designed to hold plates up to three pounds, so you can stay protected without feeling weighed down.

The differences between:


  • Level IIIA Protection
  • Comprehensive ballistic protection. NIJ.06 IIIA structure.
  • Stops multiple rounds of various handgun threats (up to .44 magnum).
  • Stops multiple threats: 9mm FMJ RN, 9mm Luger or NATO, .40 S&W, .357 Magnum, .357 Sig, .45 Gap, .44 Magnum
  • Tested at independent laboratory
  • Armor Panels Made In USA




  • Level IIIA Protection
  • Ultra-Flexible & Lightweight Panels.
  • Aramid Flexcore™ is a Ace Link Armor proprietary technology utilizing what’s the best in ballistic fabrics.
  • Only 0.23” (5.8mm) thin – which is thinner than average smartphone.
  • It’s the most flexible and the thinnest panel you can get!
  • Stops Multiple .44 Magnum Rounds
  • Armor Panels Made In USA




  • Level IIIA + Stab1 Protection
  • Multi-Threat Stab-Proof Protection
  • Stops Handgun/Spike/Slash/Stab threats
  • Dual Protection structure will stop multiple rounds of various handgun threats (up to .44 magnum) as well as spike and edged blades of up to 36 joules of impact energy
  • Bulletproof NIJ.06 IIIA – Lightweight and Indestructible Ballistic Panels
  • Stab proof NIJ.0115 – Spike and Edge threats of strike energy up to 36 J
  • Armor Panels Made In USA








Level 4 Body Armor

What is Bulletproof Clothing?

Bulletproof clothing like a bulletproof shirt is specialized concealable body armor that is designed to offer protection against ballistic threats or edged weapons. They are a comfortable solution that offers discreet protection and increased comfort over normal bulletproof vests.

Like other products in the body armor industry, advanced materials like aramids (Kevlar) or ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is used to create layers that mitigate the impact of projectiles and stop bullets. Anti-stab ballistic panels are available as well and offer protection against both ballistic and knife threats.

This type of NIJ IIIA tested soft body armor is perfect for everyday wear and is used by individuals who require a high level of concealed personal protection, such as plain clothes law enforcement, military personnel, and security guards.

Bulletproof clothing can take various forms, including hoodies, jackets, shirts, and even everyday items like bulletproof backpacks, making it versatile and adaptable to different scenarios where ballistic protection is crucial for personal safety.


Types of bulletproof clothing

Bulletproof clothing encompasses a variety of options tailored to different protection needs and style preferences. Bulletproof hoodies seamlessly combine fashion and protection, discreetly concealing ballistic panels that can withstand handgun rounds and lower-velocity threats.

Bulletproof t-shirts offer a casual and inconspicuous choice for everyday wear, with hidden ballistic protection in areas like the chest and back. Concealable bulletproof vests, on the other hand, prioritize versatility and ballistic coverage over comfort.

Concealable vests are favored by law enforcement officers, security personnel, or anyone requiring covert bullet resistant protection. Each type of bulletproof clothing serves a unique purpose, catering to individuals seeking both security and style in various situations.


How is bulletproof clothing made?

Bulletproof clothing is made in the same fashion as standard soft armor panels. It is crafted by layering specialized ballistic materials such as aramid fibers(Kevlar), or polyethylene to create flexible yet highly bullet resilient panels. The specific arrangement of these materials depends on the desired level of protection and the intended threat type.

Soft armor in bulletproof clothing is designed to withstand handgun threats and typically comprises of multiple layers of Kevlar. In contrast, hard armor incorporates rigid ceramic or composite plates, offering protection against rifle rounds and armor-piercing bullets. The resulting bulletproof clothing provides individuals with a vital layer of defense against ballistic threats while maintaining mobility and comfort.

For more information on how bulletproof clothing works, see the article here.


APEX Bulletproof T-shirt

In today’s ever-changing world personal safety is a growing concern, however, the integration of level IIIA body armor into everyday life is made remarkably convenient and discreet through the advent of bulletproof clothing.

Full body armor and bulletproof vests can be hot and uncomfortable to wear, making it difficult to use every day. Bulletproof clothing like our Apex t-shirt offers level IIIA protection, safeguarding against potential threats like handgun rounds and even knife threats with the corresponding anti-stab version.

In contrast to the bulkiness of traditional body armor, these lightweight panels and garments seamlessly blend into daily life, allowing the user to feel safe without sacrificing comfort. Constructed from moisture-wicking fabric with antimicrobial properties, these shirt carriers not only keep you dry and wick sweat but also ensure hygiene even during strenuous activities or hot climates.

Wearing body armor has never been this hassle-free, creating a new layer to protect yourself and becoming an integral part of your daily routine while offering a low-profile solution for enhanced protection and peace of mind.


Who wears a bulletproof shirt?

Bulletproof shirts, often referred to as bulletproof undershirts or vests, are typically worn by individuals who require discreet and lightweight ballistic protection in their daily lives. These shirts are designed to be concealed under regular clothing and provide an added layer of safety.

Some common wearers of bulletproof shirts include security personnel, law enforcement officers, undercover agents, executives or individuals with heightened security concerns, and even some civilians in regions with elevated levels of violence or conflict. These garments offer a level of comfort and versatility that makes them suitable for various situations where the wearer desires protection without drawing attention to the fact that they are wearing armor.


Advantages of wearing concealed bulletproof clothing

Concealed bulletproof clothing offers several advantages over a standard bulletproof vest. Firstly, it provides a level of discretion, allowing users to maintain a low profile and not draw attention to their protective gear.

This is particularly important for individuals in sensitive or undercover roles, such as undercover police officers, armed guards, or executives, who need to blend into their surroundings. Additionally, concealed bulletproof clothing tends to be more comfortable for extended wear, as it is designed to fit closely to the body and can be worn easily under regular clothing.

It offers greater flexibility and freedom of movement, which is crucial in various professional and personal contexts. Lastly, concealed bulletproof clothing is often customizable and can be tailored to specific body shapes and protection levels, ensuring a more comfortable and personalized fit for the wearer.

For more information on concealing body armor, see the article here. 


How to choose the right bulletproof clothing?

Selecting the right bulletproof or bullet resistant clothing is a critical decision that requires a lot of thought. To make an informed choice, consider your specific needs and the level of protection required. Ensure that the clothing fits comfortably and allows for freedom of movement, as wearability is essential for daily use. Concealability is also a factor; opt for designs that can be discreet under regular attire if needed. Lastly, assess the durability and maintenance requirements of the clothing to ensure its long-term effectiveness in providing protection.

  • Protection Level: Determine the appropriate protection level based on the threats you may encounter, considering factors like caliber and ballistic rating standards such as NIJ (National Institute of Justice) ratings.
  • Comfort and Fit: Prioritize comfort and mobility by choosing bulletproof clothing that fits well and allows for easy movement. Adjustable features can enhance the fit.
  • Concealability: If concealment is important, look for clothing that can be worn discreetly under regular attire, featuring thin and lightweight materials that maintain protection without visibility.
  • Durability and Maintenance: Assess the durability of the clothing and follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations to ensure it remains effective over time.

Can you travel with bulletproof clothing?

Traveling with bulletproof clothing is generally allowed and is TSA safe, but it’s essential to be aware of specific regulations and restrictions, especially when flying or crossing international borders. Most airlines permit passengers to transport bulletproof clothing, but the precise rules may vary from one airline to another.

In many cases, it’s advisable to place bulletproof clothing in checked baggage rather than carry it in your carry-on. Additionally, when crossing international borders, it’s crucial to research and comply with the laws and regulations of both your departure and destination countries, as there may be varying restrictions on the possession and transportation of body armor. Always check with relevant authorities and airlines to ensure a smooth and legal travel experience with bulletproof clothing.


How to wear bulletproof clothing (armored t-shirt)?

To wear bulletproof clothing correctly, the top of the ballistic panel or material should be in line with your collarbone. In order to properly cover vitals, the entire sternum and cardiac box needs to be protected. For the back, it is much easier as the ballistic panel should be level and line up with the front when viewed from the side.


What size of panels does a bulletproof t-shirt carry?

The APEX bulletproof T-shirt carrier is compatible with 10×12 soft armor inserts under three pounds but was optimized to work with our 8×12 soft armor panels.


What level of protection does a bulletproof t-shirt offer?

Bulletproof clothing is soft armor and currently offers level II, IIA, or level IIIA protection. At Ace Link we only offer IIIA as it is the minimum standard today for modern ballistic threats.

NIJ IIIA body armor is designed to provide protection against a range of handgun ammunition, including common calibers like 9mm and .44 Magnum. It is important to note that while it provides excellent protection against handguns, it does not protect against rifle ammunition, which requires higher-level armor (e.g., NIJ III or NIJ IV) due to its higher velocity and penetration capabilities.


What size of a bulletproof shirt should I choose?

Sizing a bulletproof t-shirt like the APEX is exactly the same as other sport compression apparel. Since the purpose is ultimate concealability, a snug next-to-skin fit is ideal. When in doubt, size up one compared to your normal t-shirt size.