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soft armor protection in the NIJ.07 Era

Soft Armor Protection in the NIJ.07 Era

Soft armor plays a vital role in the protection of Law enforcement officials, security personnel, and Civilians alike. However, how can you trust that a soft armor vest will actually live up to the standards that it claims? That is where the NIJ, or the National Institute of Justice comes in.  In the US, the NIJ is responsible for setting […]
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skeletac (1)

Bulletproof Vests for Journalists: Safety Gear in Conflict Zones

In today’s ever-changing political landscape , Journalists often find themselves in the most dangerous places, in search of the truth. Whether it’s covering the news on the Frontlines of war zones, or facing the threats of targeted attacks in Urban environments, many Journalists put their lives on the line, to make sure that you and I can Stay informed.  In […]
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body armor for women

Body Armor for Women: Finding the Perfect Fit and Comfort

According to a report from 2021, over 13% percent of active-duty law enforcement officers in the United States were female. Additionally, with women’s roles increasing in the Military, and first responders, there has never been a more significant need for specific body armor designed for women.  Traditionally, body armor has always been designed with Male bodies in mind. This often […]
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pistols vs shotguns vs rifles

Rifles vs Shotguns vs Pistols: Which is best for home defense

According to research conducted by Pew Research Center, 72% of firearm owners in the US cite home defense, self-defense, or personal protection as the reason for owning firearms. Moreover, over 80 % of American gun owners say that they feel safer because of their firearms.  So, it’s quite obvious that we take personal protection very seriously in this country. When […]
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Training with Armor: Best Practices for Conditioning and Movement.

In any aspect of life, you can only be as effective as your training, practice, and preparation allows you. Nowhere is this more true, than in combat. Especially, when you are engaging in Armed combat, with firearms, in a life-threatening situation. Most people understand this when it comes to firearms training. They spend hours upon hours at the range perfecting their […]
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NIJ Certified Hard Armor

NIJ Certified Hard Armor: What it is and Why It Matters

Body armor is a wide term that encapsulates several kinds of protective gear. From ballistic vests and stab vests to hard armor plates, ballistic helmets, and other forms of riot gear, various types of body armor are made from distinct materials, using intricate manufacturing processes. Today we will talk about NIJ-Certified hard Armor plates, and help you understand the basics of […]
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Debunking Myths: NIJ-certified Hard Armor Plates FAQs.

What does “NIJ Certified” mean for hard armor plates? In the United States, the National Institute of Justice, or NIJ is the research, development, and evaluation agency of the Department of Justice. Among other responsibilities, the NIJ sets and regulates testing standards for body armor in the US. If the armor plates that any manufacturer makes are NIJ-certified, it means […]
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buying guide

Choosing NIJ Certified Hard Armor: Buying Guide

In today’s uncertain world, where people are more divided than ever, violence is on the rise, and governments are constantly failing to protect the lives and liberties of their people, there is one thing that remains true: you need to be a capable and formidable force, competent enough to defend yourself, your family, and the values you stand for. Today we […]
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