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Experience the extraordinary power of our NIJ.06 Level IIIA Soft Armor Panels in our latest testing video! They easily defeat .357 SIG and .44 Magnum ammunition, showcasing unmatched protection and supreme confidence.

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Our Dual-Protection panels (stab-proof and bulletproof) panels effortlessly resist the force of sharp objects, proving their superior protection against stabbing threats.

Don’t settle for anything less – opt for the ultimate, opt for our Stabproof Panels. Your impenetrable barrier against bullet, spike and edged assaults.

Soft Armor Comparison

A comparison between : Standard , Flexcore , & Anti-Stab Vests:

Standard Soft Armor provides comprehensive Level IIIA ballistic protection. It is tested to meet NIJ.06 standards at an independent laboratory, stops dozens of various rounds up to .44 Magnum, and the armor panels are manufactured in the USA.

Flexcore Soft Armor provides Level IIIA protection while being ultra-flexible and lightweight, utilizing a proprietary technology called Aramid Flexcore™. It is only 0.23” (5.8mm) thick, thinner than an average smartphone, and still stops multiple .44 Magnum rounds. Tested at an independent laboratory to meet NIJ.06 standards and manufactured in the USA.

Anti-Stab Soft Armor provides NIJ.06 Level IIIA and NIJ.0115 Stab1 protection. This is multi-threat stab-proof protection that stops handgun, spike, slash, and stab threats. Its dual protection structure will stop multiple rounds of various handgun threats up to .44 magnum, as well as spike and edged blades of up to 36 joules of impact energy.

Know More About Bulletproof Vests

Man wearing concealable Bulletproof Vest

Types of ballistic vest by carrier style

Bulletproof vests are used in many different scenarios, and to fit these specific applications they are made in various styles. Some are made to be easily concealed, while some are made to be worn overtly in tactical situations. Here is a rundown of different styles of ballistic vests:

The most commonly used style is the concealable ballistic vest, which is an extremely light and thin carrier made to be worn under clothes. This style is preferred by undercover police officers, executive protection, and prepared citizens.

Another popular style is called a tactical vest, which is designed to be worn overtly in situations where you need to have quick access to supplemental ammunition and other gear; many SWAT units and other elite police units use this style as it allows officers instant access to their weapons or other tools such as flashbangs. It also allows the operator to insert hard rifle plates, providing adequate protection against prevailing high-velocity high-caliber rifle rounds.



Concealable vests are designed to provide undetectable protection as this type of body armor is specifically designed to be invisible when worn under your clothes. This type of ballistic vest is designed for maximum comfort, maneuverability, and discretion when worn under regular everyday clothing.

Many law enforcement officials wear concealable body armor under their uniforms as well.

In most cases, concealable body armor is designed to protect police officers, prepared civilians, and etc. against smaller caliber ballistic threats such as handguns. However, compared with heavier traditional ballistic tactical vests, these give law enforcement more range of motion and maneuverability while still providing unparalleled protection from the less powerful handgun rounds that they’re likely to encounter on a day-to-day basis.

These vests usually carry soft armor panels that may be NIJ level 2 or level 3a body armor. This level of armor is extremely lightweight, thin, and easily concealed under your shirt. Concealable vests are popular with undercover police officers, security, V.I.P. protection, and other professionals.

Additionally, some concealable ballistic vests might also be designed and rated to resist knives and other edged weapons. Such concealment vests often incorporate a special type of anti-stab armor plate or material to prevent any puncture or slash getting through the armor.

Concealment vests usually also feature adjustment straps in the shoulders and waist in order to get a snug fit that also correctly covers the vital organs.



Contrary to concealable body armor, tactical vests are designed for law enforcement and military units who fill roles of a tactical nature. These vests usually have MOLLE or other load bearing mounting systems to carry tactical gear like extra magazines, communication gear, medical kits, and other items.

  • A Tactical vest is essentially a tactical bulletproof vest that is not intended to be concealed like concealable body armor, but rather worn over clothing in an overt manner while participating in law enforcement operations or military duties. They feature many more pockets and utilities than the typical concealable bulletproof vest.
  • This is perfect for admin purposes such as handcuffs, ticket books, and etc. A lot of law enforcement agencies today have made the switch from concealable ballistic vests underneath uniforms to tactical ballistic vests, mostly because they offer more features in one single package with multiple pockets and pouches attached.
  • Additionally, aramid vests of this type commonly come with pockets for rifle-rated body armor plates so you can upgrade your protection on the go. Most vests also have side plate pockets that (with armor panels inserted) protect the vital organs in case shots enter through one side of the vest paneling.


The Police Patrol Vest or Duty vest is another style of bulletproof vest an officer or security personnel will wear while on street patrol. These are designed to be worn with a duty belt, provide ballistic protection of level IIIA and usually contain extra magazines and handcuffs in addition to any other gear the officer might need for their shift.

Police officers generally wear this style of bulletproof vest when they make high-risk arrests, serve search warrants, and raid locations.

The main difference between a tactical vest and a patrol vest is the amount of gear that it can hold. A tactical vest has more real estate and load bearing capabilities for equipment.

It will hold more magazines, handcuffs, and other items for a mission whereas a police duty or patrol vest will only contain what an officer needs for his shift.

Additionally, these vests may be used as utility vests that officers wear while on day-to-day patrols which typically do not require them to make high risk arrests. Such patrol vests usually are equipped with pouches so officers can carry additional ammunition or items they might need during their shift.

They also tend to resemble the look of a police officer’s uniform or are designed to look less intimidating and tactical.



Plate carriers are specialized vests designed to hold hard ballistic armor plates. These plates are intended to provide protection against various ballistic threats, most commonly high-caliber high-velocity rifle rounds.

  • Plate carriers are commonly used by military personnel, law enforcement officers, and security, as well as civilians during civil unrest or other dangerous scenarios. 
  • The primary purpose of a plate carrier is to provide a platform to securely hold armor plates over vital areas of the body, the chest and back. Plate carriers only cover the vital organs and do not provide as much coverage as typical bulletproof vests.
  • Plate carriers also might provide a load bearing surface such as MOLLE to attach other equipment like extra magazines. These carriers are adjustable to ensure a snug and comfortable fit that properly covers the user’s vital organs.


Based on the type of protection they provide, there are three different types of body armor.

Most people don’t know this, but a ballistic armor vest does not protect you from stabs, even though it can stop a bullet.

Therefore, you have simple ballistic vests, stab protection vests and dual protection vests that protect you against both bullet and stab, slash, and spike.


Bulletproof Vest Body Armor

These vests are designed to stop bullets and use either soft body armor inserts made from Aramid materials, or even hard ceramic plates.

Depending on the type of ballistic panels used in them, these vests stop different levels of ballistic threats

Designed to stop most handgun rounds, level IIIA soft body armor is made from Aramid or polyethylene fabrics.

This type of body armor offers good ballistic protection for its weight and price, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to protect themselves from bullets without wearing heavy rigid plates in a vest or under their clothes everyday.

While soft body armor vests are rated for stopping handgun rounds like level II or level IIIA, ceramic hard plates at level III or level IV on the other hand can offer ballistic protection against heavy rifle rounds.


Stab proof vests body armor

Stab Proof Vests are designed specifically to protect against edged weapons, slashes and stabs from sharp objects. They can be used by correction officers, law enforcement officers as well as EMT’s for example.

Although not rated to protect against bullets and other ballistic threats, anti-stab vests offer excellent protection against more common threats like knife attacks.

The goal of stab armor is to completely stop and prevent penetration keeping the wearer safe from a stabbing attack. This happens by also ensuring that enough energy from the blow and spike gets absorbed in and through the soft armor, and thereby keeping you protected:

Spike 1 vest offers protection against low impact threats of 36 joules,

Spike 2 is for medium energy attacks with 50 joules of impact energy

Spike 3 is for high energy attacks with 65 joules of impact energy



As implied by their name, these dual-purpose vests offer comprehensive defense, shielding against both bullets and stabs. With added layers for ballistic and stab protection, stab-proof vests and dual-protection vests provide an enhanced level of security, although they may be slightly heavier and less flexible compared to standalone ballistic or stab proof vests. These vests are particularly favored by security forces safeguarding high-value assets in vulnerable locations such as banks.

When it comes to protection standards, ballistic armor vests and stab-proof vests share similar performance levels, with both adhering to guidelines established by the NIJ. These vests also rely on similar protective materials designed to mitigate specific threats.

Currently, the market’s most sought-after solution typically combines level 3A ballistic protection with level 1 or level 2 anti-stab protection.



Introducing Ace Link soft armor, with an impressive industry leading 8-year warranty. When wearing your soft armor everyday, we believe it should last longer than the industry norm of 5 years.

We are confident in the quality and durability of our product, ensuring it remains effective over the long term. Crafted using advanced materials and expert workmanship here in the USA, our soft armor is built to handle real-world situations without compromise.

With our 8-year warranty, you can trust that your safety is important to us, and we’re dedicated to providing reliable protection.



Body armor does expire and possess a suggested period of use. Comprising a variety of materials like ballistic fibers, polyethylene, and either metal or ceramic plates, body armor is vulnerable to deterioration over time.

This can be attributed to a wide blend of factors and ever-changing variables including exposure to environmental elements, moisture, sunlight, and regular wear and tear.

Manufacturers generally offer an estimated duration of service for their body armor products. This denotes the time span within which the armor is anticipated to supply dependable protection at its listed threat level.

Once this service period has elapsed, armor might exhibit decreased effectiveness in stopping ballistic threats or encounter other complications that impact its performance. The manufacturer cannot guarantee integrity of the armor after the expiration date.

  • Replace Worn or Damaged Armor: In the event of noticeable wear, damage, or any substantial problems, promptly replace armor that has deteriorated or been harmed in any way.
  • Replace when expired: Manufacturers designate a suggested service life or expiration date for body armor. This guideline is essential to uphold your safety and preserve the armor’s integrity amidst changing circumstances over time. Exchange armor that is beyond its service life or surpassed its expiration date.


A Level 3A bulletproof vest is not rated or designed to stop rifle rounds. Level 3A vests are only intended and rated to provide protection against various handgun rounds up to 44. Magnum, but they are not equipped to withstand the higher velocity and energy of rifle ammunition.

To counter the rising commonality and threat posed by rifle rounds, many individuals opt for a combination of soft body armor and hard armor plates, this is known as “In-Conjunction-With” (ICW).

The soft body armor offers protection against handgun rounds and assists in absorbing and distributing the force of impacts.

Meanwhile, the added hard armor plates, inserted into pockets within the vest, enhance protection against rifle rounds. These hard armor plates are labeled as ICW and provide a modular scalability of armor. 

Hard armor plates are usually constructed from materials such as ceramic, steel, or advanced composites. When combined with soft armor, ICW plates create a layered defense system that provides broader protection, spanning both handguns and rifles.




The Apex Armored T-shirt is the perfect low profile bulletproof vest for V.I.P. and executive protection for several compelling reasons.

  • First, its discreet and thin design allows for seamless integration into a V.I.P.’s formal wardrobe, maintaining a professional appearance without compromising safety. The Apex with its thin soft armor panels are hidden in plain-sight when worn under clothes.
  • This means that the V.I.P. can go about their daily activities with confidence, knowing they are protected without drawing unnecessary attention.
  • Then, the Apex is constructed using state-of-the-art athletic fabrics that provide unparalleled comfort and breathability while still supporting the soft armor. This allows all-day comfort while cooling, wicking away moisture, and keeping odors at bay for longer.
  • The armor itself is NIJ rated level 3A which provides lightweight and reliable ballistic protection against .44 Magnum rounds.
  • It is NIJ tested at an independent laboratory to meet NIJ standards, proving that the armor will work when it needs to. This ensures that the V.I.P. remains safeguarded against the most common handgun threats while maintaining comfort and flexibility.
  • The lightweight design of the Apex doesn’t hinder movement or trap heat, making it suitable for many situations where normal body armor would be a nuisance. 
  • In the realm of V.I.P. protection, maintaining a low profile while ensuring constant safety is paramount. With comfort and discretion at the forefront, the Apex is an optimal choice for those seeking everyday protection in today’s dynamic world.


Police officers use different styles of bulletproof vests depending on the situation and individual department. The most common type of vest today is an overt vest like our Livewire, Primer, and Patrol

The optimal police bulletproof vest goes beyond safeguarding officers by incorporating features that enhance both functionality and officer performance. Like our LiveWire vest, featuring built-in utility pockets that play a pivotal role in making the job easier.

These purpose-built compartments cater to the every-day practical needs of law enforcement, offering secure storage for essential tools such as ticket books, pens, extra handcuffs, and more. 

By facilitating quick and convenient access to these items, the vest streamlines officers’ interactions with the public and empowers them to respond effectively to the various situations they may find themselves in.

The vest also features a MOLLE/PALS webbing load bearing surface, allowing the officer to remain streamlined or add any extra equipment as necessary. 

This seamless fusion of ballistic protection with integrated utility pockets and MOLLE exemplifies a vest that is finely tuned to the demands of modern law enforcement, prioritizing safety, functionality, and operational readiness.


Can I Buy Vests and Soft Body Armor Separately?

Yes, customization and flexibility are important when it comes to your personal protection needs. That’s why we offer the option to purchase vests and soft body armor panels separately.

  • If you’re looking for versatile options, here you can explore our section of:  VEST CARRIERS . These carriers are designed to securely hold our soft body armor panels and are available in various styles, sizes, and colors. By choosing a separate vest carrier, you can easily pair it with different panels to adapt to different threat levels or scenarios. This modularity ensures that you have the freedom to update or upgrade your protection without needing to replace the entire vest.
  • Furthermore, if you’re specifically in need of soft body armor panels, here is our dedicated range of options of: SOFT BODY ARMOR. These panels are engineered using cutting-edge materials and technologies to provide reliable protection against a variety of ballistic threats. By purchasing the panels separately, you can conveniently replace or upgrade the armor inserts as needed, extending the lifespan and effectiveness of your protective gear.


What is a bulletproof vest?

A bullet proof vest is a type of bullet resistant body armor that is designed to absorb the impact and minimizes the penetration of projectiles in tactical situations when the police officers or military troops work in combat operations. As bullet travels, it transfers it’s kinetic energy to any hard surface that comes in contact with the bullet. Bullet proof vests are made up high tech material which can reduce and stop damage done by bullets to body parts like chest, stomach or abdomen, back etc.

The bulletproof vest material is very strong and can take up a huge amount of kinetic energy before breaking or degrading (fragmenting). However, if bulletproof vests have multiple layers then bullet can cause damage to some layers of the vests but would not be able to penetrate completely through all the layers.

Vests are made of heavy-duty materials that cover the chest and stomach areas, made primarily to withstand the impact from a rifle or pistol rounds at close to long range. Body Armor is usually designed in either soft armor or hard armor-shell materials depending on the level of protection you are looking for. Remember – in order to get good protection from a bullet proof vest you must wear it properly at all times. Many individual fail to wear their bullet proof vest properly, which will result in soft body parts such as neck or face being unprotected by bulletproof vests.

Is it legal to wear body armor?

The short answer is yes. The average person (not only police officer) can legally purchase and possess body armor as long as they are of age and it isn’t specifically illegal in their state or city.

For instance, in New York City it is against the law to wear a bulletproof vest while committing crimes. So if you put on one while robbing a bank, you will be arrested. In Texas it is illegal to possess and wear concealed body armor while committing a crime. Again, if you commit a felony wearing body armor you will be arrested.

For instance, in New York City it is against the law to wear a bulletproof vest while committing crimes. So if you put on one while robbing a bank, you will be arrested. In Texas it is illegal to possess and wear concealed body armor while committing a crime. Again, if you commit a felony wearing body armor you will be arrested.

If you’re just wearing body armor because you like it, then no one will arrest you for violating any laws. It’s only if you are committing a crime that body armor might be illegal. Many of these laws on wearing bulletproof vests and buying them were written as responses to the Los Angeles riots in which several people were seen wearing body armor during riots and protests. The California legislature reacted by passing legislation against possessing bullet-resistant clothing during the commission of certain crimes and in certain locations.

If you are a police officer, corrections officer or member of the military, it is perfectly legal to wear bulletproof vests while performing your official duties. In fact, bullet-resistant vests are required equipment by many departments.

In the majority of states on the continent, the citizens can possess and wear body armor and ballistic protection items. It’s important to know these laws and to be cautious before purchasing and using vests and other body armor as a plate carrier with armor plates. It is highly recommended that you keep checking your local and national regulatory department for specific laws in your area pertaining to ballistic protection. You can read more about this topic in our blog post about legal aspects of wearing body armor – It it legal to wear body armor?

How much is a bulletproof vest?

Ace Link Armor offers great designs, quality and superior functionality while keeping the prices competitive. You can get quality Concealable Bulletproof Vest for as low as $349.00 while full protection model for police officer (like M.S.O.V. Modular Special Operations Vest) cost $799.00 but provides a greater area of protection.

However, the price of a vest can vary depending on the actual model of the vest that you choose. Bullet proof vests cost can vary depending on the ballistic vests you are purchasing, but generally, an item can range between $300 to even $1,500 dollars or more.

Can bullet proof vest stop bullets from an AK 47?

The answer is yes – as long as a proper level of protection armor plate is involved. Most bulletproof vests and protective armor only protect against handgun or shotgun rounds of ammunition, they are called Level IIIA Body Armor Bulletproof Vests.

Ace Link Armor offers Level 3+ Body Armor and Level 4 Body Armor made from the highest quality materials that can withstand any type of 7.62x39mm MSC AK-47 round from point-blank to long-range. We have a wide selection of body armor plates to choose from for your level of protection needed. For protection against rifle fire there is no better way to go than buying on of the body armor packages where you get plate carrier and 2 or 4 pieces of great body armor at discounted price!

Is bulletproof vest stab-proof?

No, however bulletproof vests can be bullet proof and stab-proof at the same time. The bullet resistant material is simply not designed to be stab-resistant. It will just get penetrated with the sharp blade and it will result in critical injury or death of the wearer.

We offer body armor plates in a wide variety of options to fit any level of protection you may need. Our stab proof body armor is made from a stab and bullet resistant fabric that can both protect you from bullets, and a spike and slash attack of up to 36 J of energy.

If you are looking for anti-stab or stab proof protection choose one of Ace Link Armor Bulletproof Stab Proof Vests which are among the best on the market provide protection against sharp objects such as knives, shrapnel etc in addition to bullet proof function.

What material is used to make vests bulletproof?

The two main components of a carrier are the armor plates or panels, which stop bullets, and the carrier materials, which hold everything together. The soft armor panels on top are made from strong materials like Aramid or PE fiber.

Soft body armors offer more flexibility as compared to the other kind but they do not protect against rifle bullets very well. You will need hard bullet proof plate for that purpose. Hard Body Armor panels are made with a bullet-resistant material like UHMW PE (Polyethylene) and ceramic that can withstand the impact from high-velocity bullet rounds. They are pressed together to form a plate capable of stopping ballistic threats.

Can civilians own Level IV Body Armor?

You may be wondering, “can I own Level IV armor plates ?” The answer is yes! Any civilian can purchase any of our armor plates at any time- as long as they are legally able to own body armor.

It’s a common misconception that civilians can’t own Level IV body armor plates. The reality is that the Department of Defense has no jurisdiction over who owns armor plates. However, there are some restrictions on how it can be used and where it can be carried in public. If you’re interested in buying Level 4 body armor plates for your personal use, please check out some of what we have to offer. Now they are highly popular with enthusiasts and even general survivalists concerned about the possibility of active shooter encounters.

Get one of Level IV Armor Plates NOW!

Where to buy bulletproof vest?

Whether you need bulletproof vest for your job or you are looking bulletproof wear to protect yourself from a bullet, the best place to buy bulletproof vest is definitely AceLinkArmor.com.

Ace Link Armor doesn’t just sell bullet resistant body armor but also other types of special body armor that includes: tactical body armor, SWAT vestes, bullet resistant backpack, and plate carrier.

Check our prices and see how affordable bullet proof vests can be!

Choosing protective bullet proof gear will not only save your life but it’s one of the most important things you should do for your protection. Don’t let others endanger your security without having bullet proof equipment yourself!

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our bullet resistant body armor or bulletproof backpack! If you don’t like what you bought, just send it back and we’ll exchange it for free! You can easily buy bulletproof kit here and get protected by tomorrow thanks to our lightning fast shipping service!

What body armor works best for you?

As you can see, there are many things to think about before considering buying one of a bullet proof vests. If this is something that interests you and your family’s safety or security, we recommend taking the time to take a look at our different types of ballistic vests and items that are available on our online store so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time for purchase.

The need for body armor has never been greater. With the increase in active shooter incidents, more civilians are purchasing bulletproof vests to protect themselves and their loved ones. There is a wide variety of options on the market but Ace Link Armor stands out as an excellent choice because they provide quality protection at a reasonable price point without compromising style or comfort.

Ace Link Armor is the industry leader in tactical, military and law enforcement gear. We specialize in providing superior protection from everything from knives to rifles. Our selection of Ace Link Body Armor includes lightweight soft armor which provides great protection level in a soft, flexible carrier. It’s ideal for those looking for basic chest and back coverage or who do not want to wear heavier ballistic panels on their shoulders and back but still need something more than a t-shirt to cover their vital organs.

If you want to learn about some other types of safety gear that can help keep your family safe from harm, visit our website! We have information on all sorts of ballistic protection products including Bulletproof Backpacks, Armor T-shirts or Body Armor Bulletproof Vests.