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Quadrelease Ultra Plate Carrier for 11×14″ Armor Plates


Quadrelease Ultra 2.0 Plate Carrier For 11x14
Add Armor and Save 8% ( Optional )
Add Side Armor Panels and Save More ( Optional )

Front & back

Quadrelease Ultra accommodates two 11×14” ballistic panels (front & back) and 2 side panels (6×13″)


Made of durable 500D Nylon fabric.


Available in Black, Tan or Green and camouflage patterns.


Cummerbund and shoulder strap comes XL size: 47-52″

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XL 47-52

Quadrelease Ultra Plate Carrier for 11×14 Armor Plates


Plate Carrier For Maximized Protection With 11×14″ Plates

High-performance body armor plates carrier.

Person wearing plate carrier


The Quadrelease Tactical Plate Carrier for 11×14 Armor Plates

The Quadrelease was designed as a fast attach/fast detach plate carrier for both citizens, soldiers, law enforcement, and first responders. These plate carriers are designed for body armor plates in shooter’s and swimmer’s cut rifle plates profiles, and has a quad-system self-lubricating quick release latched buckles with high-tensile mechanical resistance, structural rigidity, and excellent impact resistance.

Fully adjustable shoulder straps and cummerbund provides full range of adjustment, so your Quadrelease Armor plates carrier fits your upper body securely, and as comfortably as possible.


Warranty & Quality

Tactical Plate Carrier

360 degrees of quality wrap-around bulletproof protection.The Quadrelease 360 Protection Plate Carrier armor systems has front, back, side plate protection is minimalist and versatile, equipped with quick- release buckles to stay connected until you need to rapidly escape from your plates and carrier to search a crawl space or get first aid.

Up to 11×14

Quadrelease Ultra accommodates 11×14 Armor Plates

360 degree Protection

360 degrees of quality wrap-around bulletproof protection.

Molle Or Lasercut

MOLLE or Laser-Cut available. 

Quick-release buckles from Italy.

Quadrelease means quick. Quick-release buckles from Italy.



High-performance plate carrier
The Quadrelease (TM) Plate Carrier was designed as a fast attach- fast detach plate carrier able to carry rifle plates or soft armor panels. The plate carrier is fitted for standard/shooter’s/swimmer’s cut rifle plates and has a quad-system self-lubricating quick release latches with high mechanical resistance, structural rigidity, and excellent impact resistance.

360 Protection

Front, back and side protection.
Quadrelease Ultra fits front and back 11×14″ armor panels and additonally accomodates two 6×13″ soft armor panels in the cummerbund for full 360 degrees protection. Thanks to internal velcro retention straps, it will carry 10×12″ armor as well.

Load Bearing

Choose Laser-Cut or MOLLE webbing.
Choose from Laser Cut or the ever durable MOLLE pals webbing to attach multi-tools, knives, magazine pouches, and other tactical equipment.

Quad is quick

Quickrelease buckles from Italy.
Designed and manufactured in the fashion capital of the world and heart of Europe – Italy, the DUE EMME ™ buckles allows wearer a fast release in case of emergency.

Quad is durable

Heavy duty 500D Nylon fabric.
Rugged. Versatile. Durable. Made out of high tenacity Nylon fabric Quadrelease Plate Carrier has been designed for living and built to last.


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