Bullet-proof T-shirts, How Do They Work?

Concealable Armor T-Shirt

A bullet-proof shirt, or bullet-proof T-shirt, I shirt that is specially designed in order to hold armor plates (in most cases IIIA*) which provides the user with low-key protection that is hardly noticeable and does project what you have like a plate carrier would.

Bullet proof Concealed T-shirts have huge advantages over more overt vests for those that were looking for protection without drawing too much attention. They can be worn underneath jackets or even as a thick undershirt with minimal to no imprinting. In certain seasons like winter, where you already have to layer up, you would have no issues with wearing this out to the market, or a stroll down the street and someone noticing what you have.

In the summer, they still offer massive benefits, as they can be worn under a button-up polo, still giving off a casual impression. Alternatively, they can be worn by themselves, as in darker colors, it is hard to distinguish that you are in fact wearing anything under your shirt.


Yes, if you are not prohibited from owning one in the first place (i.e. a felon) then you can wear this pretty much anywhere unless otherwise stated. These types of armored Kevlar bulletproof shirts are capable of being worn pretty much anywhere. Some examples of where something like this would be useful to wear would be in situations like protests, or on flights, where you are in close proximity to others and the only real threats you would be realistically facing would be spiked, slashing, or concealable handguns.

As we can see from recent historical events and situations involving activism around social issues, these protests can often times quickly devolve into rioting, with both police and the protestors engaging in acts of violence that can turn deadly. It is for this reason that having a valuable item like a bulletproof T-shirt that can be worn anywhere with little worry of exposing yourself to a crowd of possibly violent people as an undercover officer or just a random passerby is a good idea. Secondly, if you do happen to find yourself in a confrontation, through the use of ANTISTAB 3A soft armor, you can prevent deathly injury from both stabbing and handgun calibers all the way up to .44 magnum. In most cases, crimes are committed with handguns or sharp pointed objects such as knives, and in a riot situation, it is these items that are going to be the most present threat, and the most likely you will be running into.

Outside of rioting or protesting situations, Wearing a bulletproof shirt can net you a number of benefits, such as increased confidence and peace of mind. Additionally wearing one in everyday situations could have your prepared for the most unexpected items you could encounter in normal life such as, carjacking’s, store robberies, or even being caught in the crossfire of shootout in a bad neighborhood.

Concealed Armor T-Shirt Level 3A


All the protection of a light armor vest with the convenience and comfort of a t-shirt. Constructed from moisture wicking 85% polyester/15% spandex compression fabric with antimicrobial properties built. Armor pocket is designed for plates not exceeding three pounds. The most comfortable, concealable, and convenient way to wear light body armor.

The problem has been that 10×12 panels are not an exact fit, especially at the bottom. Our development engineer designed a 10×12” soft panel with a slight V-angle that makes the panels fit the shirts much better and more comfortably.


Generally speaking, there is only one type of bulletproof shirt, it is a plain T-shirt (although they can have designs) with a reinforced pocket that is capable of holding an armor panel on the front and back. That being said, there also exists things such as armored purses, armored backpacks, armored jackets, and armored sweaters. Here at Ace Link Armor, we produce only one model of armored panel for our TRUE-SPEC T-SHIRT, which is available in a number of sizes in either White or Black.

In addition to just offering this T-shirt, we also have a specially designed armor panel for it, only available through Ace Link Armor and her dealers, which is optimized for both comfort and protection. It is an ultra-lightweight soft armor panel, constructed from Aramid Fibers, that provides protection from threats up to IIIA in addition to also being able to be upgraded with an ANTI-STAB capability.

Together, through the use of True spec’s supreme quality T-shirts and our specifically designed armored panels, you will have a discreet armored T-shirt capable of protecting you from a multitude of threats, and that can be worn anywhere and everywhere.


Armor T-Shirt Standard
Price $298.32
Armor T-Shirt Flexcore
Price $372.60


Plate carriers are optimal for most situations, but they lack any sort of concealability, as they are overt outerwear. While they can be customized and are available in a number of different camo configurations, with different carry systems such as molle and Laser-cut available, they lack the concealability of the armored T-shirt.