Providing Safety to University Campuses

Campus Security Wearing Ace Link Armor Bulletproof Vests

Safety is one of the top priorities for most organizations, especially schools and universities. College is intended to be a time for learning, growth, and self-discovery. These schools are intended to be safe and secure places for students to do this, which is why the vast majority of these places are gun-free zones. This makes them a very common target for violence, mass shootings, and other crimes.

It seems in recent years, it seems that colleges and universities have become one of the biggest targets for threats and violence, resulting in more discussion on the best ways to provide safety and security for those on campus. So how do we bridge the gap between getting enough safety while still functioning as we normally would? Let’s talk about it!

The Need for Added Safety Measures

It’s no secret that in recent years, violence and mass shootings have massively increased. This again plays a huge part with schools and colleges across the country as they are one of the main targets of this increase in violence. And while most schools and universities have some form of security force or campus police, they are often a limited resource with limited training and equipment.

As more and more threats become likely, something must be done to increase safety measures for our schools and universities. Many are calling for more gun control measures, but not only does this encroach on our second amendment rights but it does not address the question of how we can better protect universities.

How to Lower the Risks

So how do we go about lowering the risks and increasing the safety measures without any major changes to the way schools and universities function? One of the best ways is to support and focus on the various security and law enforcement already on the campus. Things such as additional resources, training, and personnel can help to take existing safety measures and make them better.

Better training and safety procedures can help take a proactive approach in the event that a situation does turn dangerous. Things such as additional funding and resources can also help when you can get it, as this would allow more security and police forces to be present. After all, one of the best ways to combat a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Body Armor as a Solution

But one of the easiest and most obvious solutions to providing better safety to university campuses is the body armor industry working closely with campus law enforcement. Not only would this help with actual situations and interactions, but the simple presence of body armor could help lower the risk and dissuade incidents from happening in the first place. Prevention is the first step in reducing risk and harm in these areas, and a police or security force in high-quality body armor will definitely help to prevent incidents from occurring.

Thankfully we are already seeing these changes start to take place. Loyola Marymount University, located in Los Angeles, is one of these universities implementing body armor into their programs. The chief of security of Loyola University has recently chosen Ace Link Armor as their go-to company for body armor, and their bulletproof vest for protecting those that are working for the security and safety of the college.


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Here at Ace Link Armor, we are on a mission to provide safety to those who are out there trying to protect our own safety. We know what it takes to make the world’s greatest armor and bulletproof material, while also making it practical and comfortable. With our advanced armor, the police and security forces that are out working day and night to protect the college and university campuses can be better protected from potential threats. Just the presence of our armor can help deter threats while keeping them safe and comfortable day and night. If you want to try some of this body armor yourself, you can view our entire lineup and find the perfect option for you!

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