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Special Mission Ballistic Helmet

The role of ballistic helmets in law enforcement and other emergency response situations

When a police officer, security guard, or first responder heads out to do their job every morning, they don’t know what kind of problems or dangers they will encounter. Some days are normal, filled with mundane tasks, and routine activities, however, on the day that things go south, the only thing that keeps these heroes protected is their personal protection […]
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Special Mission Ballistic Helmet

What Should A Ballistic Helmet Protect From?

Helmets! An integral part of every order-related official attire dates back to 2500 BC. Sometimes it is for style, other times for identification but inherently for protection. Over the years, helmets have come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and even fabrics, each properly serving its purpose. Recently, we have come to be acquainted with the ballistic helmet, which serves as […]
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Special Mission Ballistic Helmet

The Best Ballistic Helmet Setup

Helmets have been a part of combat gear for a very long time, and over the years, they have started to play a more and more critical role in combat scenarios. These days tactical helmets don’t only protect your head from bullets, fragments, and blunt force impact, but they also serve several other functions on the battlefield. With so many […]
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Ballistic Helmet - Ace Link Armor Tactical Helmets - Special Mission Helmet

Who Uses Ballistic Helmets?

When it comes to tactical gear, Ballistic helmets also play a very prominent role. Not only do they provide ballistic protection, but are also an essential tactical tool, which is used to carry loads of accessories like night vision goggles, lights, communication gear, and a lot more. Tactical helmets are a very important part of a soldier’s gear and have […]
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Ballistic Helmet MICH Combat OD Green

Tactical Helmet Guide In 2022

Tactical helmets are the present and future of much-needed ballistic protection for the wearer’s cranial region. A helmet is like body armor for your skull, and a tactical helmet combines the technology behind NIJ level IIIA soft armor and places it on your head not only to protect your brain but to do so during adverse or combat situations. Yesteryear’s […]
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Ballistic Helmet Special Mission – Black Multicam

Evolution of a modern ballistic helmet.

Helmets have been a part of military apparel and uniform for centuries, however, they have evolved quite significantly in the last century or so. Military helmets have come a long way from stopping rocks, and sword strikes, and are now designed to stop bullets. So, how did we arrive at the modern ballistic helmet? These days, tactical helmets are an […]
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