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pistols vs shotguns vs rifles

Rifles vs Shotguns vs Pistols: Which is best for home defense

According to research conducted by Pew Research Center, 72% of firearm owners in the US cite home defense, self-defense, or personal protection as the reason for owning firearms. Moreover, over 80 % of American gun owners say that they feel safer because of their firearms.  So, it’s quite obvious that we take personal protection very seriously in this country. When […]
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NIJ Certified Hard Armor

NIJ Certified Hard Armor: What it is and Why It Matters

Body armor is a wide term that encapsulates several kinds of protective gear. From ballistic vests and stab vests to hard armor plates, ballistic helmets, and other forms of riot gear, various types of body armor are made from distinct materials, using intricate manufacturing processes. Today we will talk about NIJ-Certified hard Armor plates, and help you understand the basics of […]
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Debunking Myths: NIJ-certified Hard Armor Plates FAQs.

What does “NIJ Certified” mean for hard armor plates? In the United States, the National Institute of Justice, or NIJ is the research, development, and evaluation agency of the Department of Justice. Among other responsibilities, the NIJ sets and regulates testing standards for body armor in the US. If the armor plates that any manufacturer makes are NIJ-certified, it means […]
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buying guide

Choosing NIJ Certified Hard Armor: Buying Guide

In today’s uncertain world, where people are more divided than ever, violence is on the rise, and governments are constantly failing to protect the lives and liberties of their people, there is one thing that remains true: you need to be a capable and formidable force, competent enough to defend yourself, your family, and the values you stand for. Today we […]
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Ace Link Armor

Why Choose NIJ Certified Hard Armor Plates?

Body armor is a tool that can save your life and Armor Plates are no different in this matter. When used alone or with a bulletproof vest, it’s employed in the most dangerous situations, and if it fails, you could die. Now, how can you be certain that the bulletproof vest, or armor plates you have bought will actually work? […]
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Set Of Hard Armor Plates

Why ceramic armor plates are the future of personal protection

Every day, millions of police officers, soldiers, and even civilians around the world have to survive, and function in hostile environments. They are in constant danger of being attacked and have to take their personal protection very seriously. Therefore, these people need to use bulletproof vests or ballistic body armor plates with plate carriers, which keeps them safe in case […]
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Range Day Practice

Range Day Good Practices

It’s exciting to visit a gun range for the first time. An excellent place for enthusiasts to meet, interact, and spend some time shooting with a new or preferred firearm is a gun range. A visit to a gun range is typically just as exciting for experienced shooters as it is for beginners. Gun Range Gun ranges are Indoor or […]
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Why are steel armor plates so cheap?

Why are steel armor plates so cheap?

Armor plates are made from various different materials, and their construction can have a significant impact on their weight, durability, and performance on the field. The first thing that comes to mind when most people think of body armor plates is steel. Steel body armor plates are quite common, and they are the most affordable option out there. This is […]
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Hard Armor Plate Leve III

Sapi Plates – Small Arms Protective Inserts

WHAT IS A SAPI PLATE? SAPI stands for Small Arms Protective Insert, and SAPI plates are used by the US Military for ballistic protection. Initially used in the Interceptor body armor, it is now the standard armor insert used in the IOTV (Improved Outer Tactical Vest) and MTV (Modular Tactical Vest). SAPI body armor panels are made of Ceramics, and […]
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ceramic plates body armor

Ceramic Plates Guide in 2022

When it comes to ballistic protection, there are many different kinds of armor solutions available in the market. Some people opt for aramid bulletproof vests, while others also need protection from rifle rounds. For those, we can offer Hard Armor Plates. When it comes to rifle-level hard armor plates, materials like ceramics, polyethylene, and steel are used. Today, we are […]
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