Security Guards’ Life Saved By Ace Link Armor Bulletproof Vest

Security Guard's Life Saved by Ace Link Armor Bulletproof Vest

Michael Williamson, a security guard from Portland, Oregon, narrowly escaped from bodily injury in earlier June of this year. When Williamson got into a scuffle with an unidentified suspect, the suspect then stole Williamson’s firearm and proceeded to shoot Williamson in the chest.

Luckily, an Ace Link Armor bulletproof vest with Aramid Flexcore ballistic panels was worn by Williamson, which saved his life from severe injury and even potential death. Yet here is another example of wearing body armor, which is an essential part of the everyday life of working professionals who are exposed to hostile environments of various threat levels.

The incident involved shooting was reported around 2 am, on Sunday, June 25th, 2022, in Portland, Oregon, in the Southeast Division Street area.

When the Portland Police arrived on scene, they found Williamson, a private security guard was shot in the chest, but his Ace Link Armor bulletproof vest stopped the bullet and prevented any major bodily injuries.
Police Officer life Saved by Bullet Proof Vest
Micheal Williamson shows where the bullet struck his Ace Link Armor ballistic vest. Source: KATU 2 ABC

As Williamson reported, he asked the unidentified suspect to leave the premises of the private property when the suspect lunged forward, trying to grab Williamson’s holstered firearm. A scuffle ensued, and the suspect wrestled the firearm away; however, due to quick thinking from Williamson, he was able to press the magazine release button, where the magazine fell to the ground. Unfortunately, the suspect fired off the chambered round, according to the Portland Police Bureau, and struck Michael’s bulletproof vest.

Policed reported Williamson was transported to a local hospital for evaluation. Upon evaluation, no observable injuries were found, according to the Hospital Doctors. The Ace Link Armor bulletproof Vest that Michael Williamson was wearing stopped the bullet and mitigated back face deformation trauma, which reduced possibly lethal internal organ damage.

Williamson returned to work the very next day.

According to PPB statistics, there have been 673 shooting incidents where a firearm was discharged and reported to the Portland Police Bureau. Even though in 2022 we see declining trend, the total year-to-date number is significantly higher compared to the same period last year.

Security Guards’ Life Saved By Ace Link Armor Bulletproof Vest
Statistics on shootings incidents where a firearm was discharged and reported to the Portland Police Bureau. Source: Portland Police Bureau

This incident is yet another example of why professionals should always wear body armor. The threat of being shot in the line of work can come at any moment, and it’s important to be prepared with the necessary precautions. Get yourself an Ace Link Armor Bulletproof Vest… it could save your life one day.