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For those who wear body armor as a part of their everyday job, or those who sometimes wear them for shooting or sporting arms competition, body armor has advanced from the bulky, heavy, and limited protection vests they once were. Current body armor now offers lightweight, streamlined, and even more protection than ever, this protection now includes stab vest technology to the menu, which can offer law enforcement a number of advantages in the field, such as when conducting a search in close quarters or high threat environment.


Stab proof vests worn by those who work in correctional jails, or by security officers are designed to provide protection from knife or spike type weapons; edged weapons such as knives and blades put the wearer of stab vests in danger of slash injury, while spike instruments use puncture or thrusting motion to penetrate an officers stab proof vest.

Plate carriers are specifically made to hold a front and a back hard rifle plate body armor as far as ballistic protection. Both the front and back of the plate carrier are able to hold hard armor plates using pockets, the plates are able to be inserted into- then closed to secure each plate inside. These tactical plate carriers can only hold hard armor rifle plates or same shape soft armor backing panels for ICW or spalling prevention if steel plates are used. The price for these types of tactical carriers is usually lower as a result as well.

Plate Carrier Vests are actually Soft Armor Panel Vests with individual front and back pockets built-in or modularly attached that allow the wearer to have both soft armor panels- with side protective extensions- for front and back pistol caliber protection; as well as, the added option of using the front and back hard armor rifle carrier plates pockets to have rifle caliber protection. This added protection offered by these types of carriers aids the officer in tactical situations, but as a result, these carriers usually come in at a higher price than the for-mentioned plate carriers.


There are several types of garments or clothing on the menu that one can wear to protect themselves from stab or puncture type threats. Stab vests are common among officers who work in high threat environments where a stabbing vest would be necessary such as jails, even meat butchers wear slash protective aprons when working with cleavers and knives. Stab proof shirts that are able to carry ballistic/stab proof panels, while also providing both lightweight and discreet protection from stab and slash.

There are also multiple companies that produce plate carriers and vests. 5.11, AR500 , Ace Link Armor and Condor make armor plate carriers in popular styles and patterns that are widely used by both government and civilian sporting arms enthusiast alike. Ace Link Armor in particular offers a wide range of tactical carriers at lower price points than the competition. With a wide range of options available, a person can find the tactical vest that best fits the needs of the situation they will find themselves most likely to be in, at a price that will not break the bank. If when shopping around, you find that you cannot decide on the type of carriers you need, or what type of body armor would be best for your situation, feel free to contact us and one of our associates will be able to help you choose the body armor or carriers systems that will fit your tactical situation best.


The NIJ (National Institute of Justice) Standards for stab resistant, slash, and spike protection is the nation’s measure to test and develop against and attempt to meet. These standards are followed by most body armor companies, new and old, when testing their products, and is their goal to be within the Standards as a result of such testing. NIJ Level 1 Stab 1 protection is the basic blade and spike rating. Level 1 Stab 2 in either blade OR spike provides only protection from either of those instruments of attack. Anti-Stab Vests that have Dual Protection NIJ Rating of Stab 1 or 2 + (plus) a pistol caliber rating provides either of the stab ratings as well as ballistic pistol round protection, including, 9mm (Level II) or .44 Magnum. (Level IIIA). With this being said, the search for new and lightweight anti-stab vests never stops, with companies trying to offer the best in protection, without the price being too high.

At Ace Link Armor, we like to provide our customers with a wide array of options that can fit almost any scenario in which they might find themselves in, with upgrade options for our 3A armor that can add that STAB 1 OR STAB 2 level of protection. It’s not just limited to vests either, we offer backpacks, T-shirts, and briefcases all with this capability as well.



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