Tactical Plate (Hard Rifle Armor)

Commonly found in today’s military, law enforcement, and owned by civilian sporting arms enthusiasts alike; the hard armor bulletproof panels or tactical plates worn today- with high velocity rated ballistic protection- provides the user with the best known rifle protection to date and is the peak of body armor technology as we currently know it today. Tactical plates are often referred to by a number of different names such as ballistic plates, body armor plates, trauma plates, or even simply combat plates, but they all fall under the same object, which is Hard Armor Rifle Plates.

Wearing Hard Armor Plates for extra ballistic protection.

For hard armor plate wearer’s, there are numerous brands and design versions of hard armor plate carriers to choose from. Much like with Tactical gear, there are a variety of vests and gear capable of being used with body armor, with prices ranging from high to low, or low to high. A person choosing to wear hard armor plate at the local shooting range would have more options than someone in the military or law enforcement, who are issued a standard or specific hard armor plate carrier.  A tactical plate carrier can be as simple as two plate carriers- front and back- with shoulder and waist straps to keep both plates centered on the wearer’s torso.  Other options include a front opening tactical vest with interior or exterior pockets to insert hard armor plates into. At the end of the day, there are a variety of vests on the market capable of holding you gear, it really comes down to price, and what you want that gear to do other than hold your hard armor plates. Plates go by a set of rating for which they are able to protect rounds in that category the most common levels, and the ones recognized in the United States, are Level II, IIIA, III, III+, and IV. Each level of protection is capable of protecting up to a certain caliber of round, and it is important to make sure you are buying the proper level of protection for your needs.

The difference between some plate carriers and tactical vests.

With the prevalence of hard armor plates on the battlefield or tactical shooting range, being able to effectively wear hard armor plates is simple and takes very little time to get used to.  Tactical Plate carriers; as they are known, are either two plate carriers with shoulder and waist straps, or more like a tactical vest plate carrier- that uses soft body armor panels- as well as Hard rifle plate inserted into the vest’s internal or external pockets.  Either type of plate carrying vest carrier is popular amongst the civilian shooting industry, as well as government or public safety agency personnel. What it really comes down to in most cases is not the capability and configuration of the vest vs plate carrier debate, but personal preference. Like with anything else in this industry, there are many objective viewpoints on what’s best, or what works best, and at the end of the day, it really is just what you are most comfortable with using as an operator, and what you have the most experience training with.

Available Tactical Plate Carriers and Hard Armor Plates for those tactically minded.

People looking to purchase a Tactical Plate Carrier are able to do so by going to companies like 5.11 Tactical; who produce a wide range of tactical gear like the popular 5.11 tactical tactic plate carrier.  Although in many cases, customer find that their gear comes at a high price. Ace Link Armor also has many different types and models of tactical plate carriers including the Skeletac and Quadrelease Plate Carriers.  On our website when you are looking to purchase body armor, you can filter the search by price such as with; price low, price high, price low to high, or price high to low, allowing you to work within your budget.  Ace Link Armor also offers a bundle offering of their Quadrelease Plate Carriers, with both front and back hard armor plates- these tactical vest with plates combo are becoming more common as a lower cost option for plate carrier and hard armor plate wearers. That being said, if a plate carrier is what you are looking for there are still a number of companies, with Ace Link Armor included, that are bound to be carrying an option that you will find useful for yourself in a variety of camo patterns. If you have any questions you can also call Ace Link Armor, which is known for its exceptional customer service.

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