Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Dual-Protection Stabproof Vest

bulletproof stab proof vest

Bulletproof vests are designed to stop high-velocity threats from firearms, but what about something slower like a knife? Unfortunately, most armored vests that are capable of stopping bullets cannot also stop a stabbing attack from a knife or other sharp object. In this case, you need a dual protection, stabproof vest that can handle both!

There are a variety of reasons why you may want a vest that can handle both bullets and knives. Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why you need a dual protection vest in today’s world!

Protection From a Variety of Threats

The first and most obvious benefit to using one of these vests is the great protection that they provide from a variety of different threats. Dual protection vests are first designed to stop bullets, usually those from most large caliber handguns. Since most bulletproof vests are only designed to stop these bullets, they rarely offer protection from anything else like stab or impact weapons. Dual protection vests, however, can also stop knives, spikes, and other sharp objects from penetrating. This makes them twice as useful as something that can only stop one or the other. This versatility makes them much more useful than armor that is only designed to stop one thing. These incredible vests can also help protect you from impacts and strikes, but more on that later!

Additional Peace of Mind

If there is one thing that wearing body armor provides, it is a simple peace of mind that you are better prepared for any potential danger or threats. Wearing something that is also stabproof just increases this peace of mind, since knives are one of the most commonly used weapons for crimes and assault. Instead of sitting and wondering if you should wear bulletproof armor or stabproof, you can rest assured that your body armor can properly stop both should the need arise. Whether you are working in a dangerous job or just want a little added security, this extra peace of mind can go a long way. Even if it is just a little, the additional peace of mind that a dual-protection, stabproof vest can provide is well worth every penny. This does not even include the extra peace of mind that your family, friends, and loved ones will also receive!

Even if it is just a little, the additional peace of mind that a dual-protection, stabproof vest can provide is well worth every penny.

Impact Resistant (Strike Resistant)

In addition to being stab and puncture resistant, stabproof armor is also impact and strike resistant. So not only are you protected from bullets and sharp, edged weapons, but you receive protection from blunt force trauma. From batons, bats, and pipes to anything else that can be used as a club, your dual protection, stabproof vest will soften and absorb the blow. This armor redistributes the impact across the entire vest, making it much easier to deal with. While you obviously don’t want to get hit with anything, in the unfortunate event that you do, this impact-resistant armor will help to keep you safe.

Uncertain Times That We Live In (and the Increase in Assaults with a Weapon)

Today’s world seems to be getting crazier and crazier. You never know what is going to happen or when you need to expect a threat. Because of this, a vest that provides dual protection and can also protect you from stabs, punctures, and impacts in addition to bullets, will help combat the uncertain times that we are currently living in. A quick view of the news will show you that there has been a major increase in assaults with weapons. A vest like this will cover your bases more thoroughly and keep you much safer. And as crazy as the world is right now, chances are that it will only continue to get crazier. A dual protection vest is a great addition to your arsenal to combat the uncertain circumstances that could come forth in the future.

Full Body Coverage (In Contrast to Plate Carrier Coverage)

Plate carriers and the protection they provide are great, but they are not perfect. One major flaw in their design is that they can only provide so much protection to your body because of their rigid and flat design. This can leave holes in the protection, potentially causing problems during a threat. Dual protection vests, however, offer full body coverage, unlike most plate carriers. Because it is “soft” armor, the vest will cover much more of your body such as the sides. While a duel protecbulletproof & stabproof vest may not protect as well against larger calibers and rifle rounds, they do provide a lot more coverage and also protect you from the stab, puncture, and impact weapons that you could also run into. When comparing the two, they are a lot more versatile and will most likely protect you better against the threats you are most likely to run into.


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Final Thoughts

No matter your reasoning for needing some armor and protection, having a quality vest can literally be a lifesaver in most situations. The versatility and comfort that dual protection, stabproof vest provides are unmatched and can be one of the best tools for the job at hand. If you want to check out one for yourself, you can find the best dual protection vests in the world at Ace Link Armor. You will find plenty of different styles and types of armor to best protect yourself no matter what potentially dangerous situations you could find yourself in!