5 Reasons Why Every Prepper Should Own a Plate Carrier

5 Reasons Why Every Prepper Should Own a Plate Carrier

There is a common saying, that you should hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. People who live by this rule are usually called preppers, and when things go south, having a prepper on your side can mean the difference between survival and death.

The importance of preparedness for emergency situations:

From Natural disasters, Riots, and home invasions to wars and ultimately the complete collapse of society, there are several emergency situations that can put the life of an average citizen in danger. In such situations, you can’t rely on the authorities, or law enforcement to keep you safe, and well-supplied. In such situations, countless people fail to survive because they don’t have the proper tools, supplies, weapons, and gear to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. So, preparedness is essential for survival in an emergency situation.

The role of tactical plate carriers in a prepper’s gear

After stocking up on food items, first aid kits, and other survival necessities, it is also important to think about the tactical gear that can increase your chances of survival. In times of peace, body armor may not be on the top of your survival gear list, however, in an emergency situation that brings chaos and the collapse of society, body armor can mean the difference between life and death.

Just consider the condition in Ukraine, in such a situation, you don’t want to be stuck in a war-torn society without a plate carrier to protect yourself.


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Reasons why you should add a tactical plate carrier vest to your prepper’s gear.

Reason #1: Increased protection in dangerous situations

The first reason is obviously the increased level of protection. With tactical plate carrier vests and ballistic plates, you can stay protected from high-caliber rifle rounds. Whether you are dealing with a simple home invasion, riots followed by looting and chaos, a tyrannical authoritarian government, a full-out war, or the complete breakdown of society, body armor can provide you with some much-needed ballistic protection.

It is important to know that you have two kinds of body armor plates that you can use in a tactical plate carrier. Soft body armor plates are made of Kevlar. They are flexible, and lightweight, however, they only offer protection against pistol calibers. On the other hand, hard body armor plates are made of materials like steel, ceramics, or PE. they are designed to protect you against rifle calibers.

Reason #2: Customizable for different scenarios

Plate Carriers can be used in a wide range of scenarios. For instance, there are various types of plate carriers from slick concealable plate carriers, and minimalistic plate carriers to fully tactical plate carriers, that can carry a lot of gear and side plates. Moreover, you also can load your plate carrier with different kinds of armor plates for different threats.

For low-threat situations, where you are more likely to face pistol threats, you can use level IIIa soft body armor panels, whereas, if you think that you will be shot at with rifles, you can use level III or Level IV hard ballistic plates.

Another excellent feature of tactical plate carriers is that they come with Molle webbing or other gear attachment systems. You can customize your tactical plate carrier according to the weapons you are carrying, and the situation you are in by mounting different sets of attachments and accessories.

For instance, if you are expecting a lot of combat, you can mount more magazines, and ammo, whereas, on a longer mission, where you don’t expect combat, you can carry more survival gear and less ammo.

Reason #3: Improved mobility and comfort

In any emergency or survival situation, Mobility is essential. You need to be able to get up and move at a moment’s notice to escape threats or put yourself in better tactical situations for survival. Tactical Plate carriers can be extremely helpful with that.

A plate carrier vest holds all of your essential survival gear on it, allowing you to be extremely mobile. Instead of having to pack a bag, or grab a lot of tactical gear from different places, you can have everything essential mounted on your plate carrier vest, and move whenever you want, wherever you want.

Modern plate carriers aren’t designed only to carry armor plates, but they also allow you to carry a lot of gear comfortably. These plate carriers have moisture-wicking internet liners, with mesh backings, which improve air circulation and comfort. Their padded shoulder straps and cumber bunds also make plate carriers very comfortable.

The Molle Webbing on most plate carriers also improves accessibility and balances the weight of your tactical gear on your body, with is great for overall mobility and comfort.

Reason #4: Increased confidence and peace of mind

Moving on, in any survival situation, your ability to remain calm and confident in your abilities is the most important factor of all. Now, there are several things that can impact your confidence, like your training, and your ability to deal with stress, however, your level of Preparedness is also a massive contributor.

Having all the essential survival and protective gear you need is a massive confidence booster. Tactical plate carriers and body armor panels take ballistic protection off your mind and allow you to focus on practical survival solutions. Plate carriers give you the confidence to pursue your objectives more aggressively, and be more effective.

The added confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protected is extremely valuable in any emergency situation, which is why body armor and plate carrier vests must be an essential part of any prepper’s survival kit.

Are Plate Carriers legal? This is one of the most common questions that most people new to prepping, and the world of body armor like to ask. Well, in simple words, Yes, under federal law, owning body armor is completely legal for law-abiding citizens. Unless you have been convicted of a violent felony, you can buy and wear body armor or a military plate carrier without any legal ramifications.

However, different states have different restrictions when it comes to wearing body armor or plate carriers in public. For instance, some states don’t allow citizens to wear plate carriers or body armor in schools, and school-sponsored events. Some don’t allow plate carriers in government buildings. Moreover, in some states, you can not buy body armor online and have to buy it directly from a retailer.

However, in some states like New York, Owning body armor is illegal unless you are in law enforcement or work in a profession that is approved for the ownership of body armor.

It is also obviously illegal under federal law to use body armor while committing a crime. If you are wearing a plate carrier when breaking the law, you can get additional felony charges, and huge fines as well. So, to put it all together, when it comes to plate carriers and body armor, it is smart to brush up on your local state laws. Though it is legal in most states, consulting an expert does help you avoid any legal problems


So, plate carrier vests have a lot of benefits, and in a survival situation, they can dramatically increase your odds. Plate carriers protect you from ballistic threats, allow you to carry high-speed gear, and keep you mobile and agile, you that you can effectively deal with the evolving situation with all the protection and gear you need. To put it all together, without plate carrier vests, or any other form of body armor, a prepper’s gear is incomplete.