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Top 15 tactical YouTubers

If you are a firearm enthusiast, you probably watch some “gun tube”, there are many amazing firearms-related channels on the website, but today we are going to talk about some of our favorites.  From informative channels like Forgotten Firearms, and Hickok45 to crazy fun firearm channels like Demolition Ranch, there are just so many amazing content creators out there, and […]
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Range Belt Tan

How to choose the right Battle Belt for you?

What is a battle belt? A battle belt serves a lot more purposes than keeping your trousers up. A battle belt or war belt is used by law enforcement officials, the military, tactical units, and sometimes civilians to carry critical gear that they may need to access in a rush. Tactical belts are usually made from durable nylon webbing, they have […]
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Men wearing Plate Carrier in Gym

How to use a plate carrier in your workout?

Even during training, most military and law enforcement units wear body armor and plate carriers, even though there is no threat. Well, it is important because wearing it, especially plate carriers with heavy tactical gear can significantly affect their movement, and they need to be prepared to carry out their duties efficiently while wearing armor. Now, if you are a […]
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Ballistic Helmet Special Mission – Black Multicam

Evolution of a modern ballistic helmet.

Helmets have been a part of military apparel and uniform for centuries, however, they have evolved quite significantly in the last century or so. Military helmets have come a long way from stopping rocks, and sword strikes, and are now designed to stop bullets. So, how did we arrive at the modern ballistic helmet? These days, tactical helmets are an […]
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What are the best armor plates for a plate carrier?

Body armor saves the lives of countless soldiers, police officers, first responders, and citizens every day. Though most police officers use simple bulletproof vests, the military, and some special operations units use tactical plate carriers instead. Generally, people who are new to firearms and armor, ask a lot of questions about tactical plate carriers, therefore, in this post, we are […]
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bulletproof vest with plates

What is the most lightweight and concealable body armor?

When it comes to body armor, weight and concealability are two of the most important factors to consider. Ideally, your body armor should offer the level of protection you need while being as lightweight as possible. Lightweight armor is easier to wear for longer periods of time, and it also doesn’t take a toll on the wearer’s agility and maneuverability. […]
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Tactical Chest Rig Single Stack Black Multicam

The Best Chest Rig Guide 2021

In any kind of tactical situation, people need to carry many different types of gear, and chest rigs play an important role in them. There are many kinds of rigs available in the market, with varying features and tactical specifications. Therefore, in this post, we are going to answer all of your burning questions about chest rigs. So, read on […]
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Recoil Plate Carrier

The Best Plate Carrier Accessories in 2021

Plate carriers can carry a lot more than just body armor, and setting them up with different accessories can make them even more versatile. A simple plate carrier, when equipped with the right accessories and pouches, can take it to a whole new level. In todays day and age, there have been plenty of great new additions to the lineup […]
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Quadrelease Plate Carrier 2.0

Is it worth buying Plate Carrier with Plates ?

Body armor has always played an important role in protecting law enforcement, military forces, and even regular civilians for a long time. While it has continued to evolve and change as technology advances, it has never been more important to have something like a plate carrier with some bulletproof plates inside.  With the increase in the popularity of body armor, […]
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Security Guard's Life Saved by Ace Link Armor Bulletproof Vest

Security Guards’ Life Saved By Ace Link Armor Bulletproof Vest

Michael Williamson, a security guard from Portland, Oregon, narrowly escaped from bodily injury in earlier June of this year. When Williamson got into a scuffle with an unidentified suspect, the suspect then stole Williamson’s firearm and proceeded to shoot Williamson in the chest. Luckily, an Ace Link Armor bulletproof vest with Aramid Flexcore ballistic panels was worn by Williamson, which […]
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