Police Vest For Law Enforcement – Guide 2022

Police Vest For Law Enforcement

Police officers and other law enforcement agencies perform a wide range of duties, a lot of which put them in harm’s way. Whether police officers are simply patrolling the streets, making a routine traffic stop, or engaging armed assailants and organized criminals, they are quite likely to be shot at.

Body armor helps police officers stay safe when performing their duties. Almost all police officers who step out on the field, use some form of body armor. So, in today’s post, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about Police officers and body armor.

What vest do Police officers wear?

Though Body armor is a standard requirement for law enforcement officers, there is no standard ballistic vest that all police officers wear. Every state jurisdiction and every department can choose vests from different body armor manufacturers, and use them differently because of several social, political, or objective reasons.

Regardless of the manufacturer, Almost all law enforcement officers use some form of ballistic armor when they step out of their precinct offices. For the most part, uniformed police officers wear concealable soft armor vests under their uniform. Some departments may allow officers to wear ballistic vests over their uniform, however, most departments prefer concealable armor to prevent the Police militarization image.

As far as the protection level is concerned, almost all police officers use Level IIIA bulletproof vests. Level IIIA is the higher level of ballistic protection you can get from soft armor, and it is rated to stop all common pistol calibers up to .44 magnum.

Some special police units may also wear tactical vests with modern load-bearing systems to carry their tactical gear. Police officers use these armored vests when they are performing raids, operations, and drug busts.

Do Police wear body armor plates?

Typically, most police officers use protective vests, however, some police departments may also use armor plates in tactical plate carriers. These armor plates are designed to counter rifle threats and can be more expensive than soft body armor.

It is very rare for general duty police officers to wear plate carriers, however, special SWAT and other tactical units use hard armor plates when responding to situations where they are more likely to be shot at with rifles.

The National Institute of Justice specifies two levels of hard armor plates. Police officers are more likely to use Level III armor plates, which can offer ballistic protection against rifle calibers up to .308 Winchester or 7.62 Nato


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Level IIIA Bulletproof vest as the best choice for most dangerous situations.

Most police officers in the US use Level IIIA body armor since it is best suited for their general duties. Level IIIA body armor is usually made from soft Aramid fibers, which allows it to be flexible and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Moreover, Level IIIA soft armor is also quite light. A typical level IIIA bullet proof vest can weigh around 4-5 lbs.

Though level IIIA plates don’t offer the highest level of protection, they still protect law enforcement officers from the most common ballistic threats they face. Moreover, they are also more practical than armor plates when you consider concealability, weight, and comfort.

Level IIIA body armor is rated to stop pistol ammunition. They can stop common pistol calibers like 9mm, .45 ACP, .40 S&W, and almost all calibers up to .44 magnum. General duty officers, and even non-uniform detectives and federal agents are way more likely to face pistol threats in their line of duty, which is why level IIIA bulletproof vests are the best choice for a wide range of dangerous situations.


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Anti-stab protection is important for a law enforcement officer

Apart from bullets, law enforcement units also face a wide range of other threats when they are on the streets. Stabbing attacks from knives and spikes can be quite dangerous as well. Moreover, there have been several cases where law enforcement units have been stabbed with needles, and improvised weapons, especially when dealing with drug addicts, and mentally unwell people.

These needles can carry very dangerous diseases, and be very dangerous even if they slightly penetrate the skin. Therefore, law enforcement officers also need protection from stabbing attacks. Now, simple ballistic vests can offer some resistance to knives, however, spikes and especially needles can penetrate them. Therefore, Anti-Stab armor is designed specifically to prevent stabbing attacks from knives, spikes, and needles.

In some situations, law enforcement units are much more likely to face melee attacks from spiked and edged weapons. For instance, corrections officers in prisons are much more likely to be stabbed than to be shot. Therefore, they specifically use anti-stab vests, whereas some police departments may also use dual protection vests that offer protection against both bullets and stabbing attacks.

Load-bearing function of bulletproof vests for law enforcement officers

Though the main purpose of a bulletproof vest is to offer ballistic protection to the wearer, it can serve several other functions as well. Tactical vests can be used to carry a wide range of tactical gear and have it easily accessible at all times. Many police officers who wear overt tactical vests carry items like extra magazines, a Tazer, handcuffs, and a communication radio on their vests, using its load-bearing system.

Most plate carriers and vests use the MOLLE load-bearing system, which is a standard in the US and most Nato countries. This load-bearing system allows law enforcement officers to mount all of their essential equipment on their ballistic vests.

If you are in law enforcement, and you are looking for the perfect tactical vest, AceLink Armor has got you covered. They make a wide range of high-quality ballistic vests, however, their Patrol and Livewire tactical vests are perfect for Law Enforcement use.

Both vests come with level IIIA soft armor inserts, and you can also opt for the AceLink Armor Flexcore inserts which are very comfortable and great for female shooters as well.

Firstly, the Patrol ballistic vest by AceLink Armor is made from Durable 500D Nylon Fabric and allows you to carry both soft and hard armor panels. Since the Patrol vest is specifically designed for law enforcement, it features attachment points on both shoulders, for cameras, lights, and communication mics. It also has multiple pockets for your gear and is super comfortable to wear for long duty hours.

The Livewire tactical vest is also an excellent option from AceLink Armor. It falls in the same price bracket as the Patrol vest and has several features that make it perfect for law enforcement officers. It has multiple pockets and MOLLE attachment loops on the front. It features multiple attachment points for chest cams, tactical gear, and shoulder radios. Moreover, with its super mesh interior, the Livewire tactical vest can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time.


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