Why Bulletproof Vest is The Most Important Gear for Security Guards

Why Bulletproof Vest is The Most Important Gear for Security Guards

In most active shooter situations, whether they happen in banks, malls, or other public buildings, security guards are the first line of defense. By the time law enforcement arrives on the scene, it can already be too late, and it is imperative that security officers are properly equipped to deal with such dangerous situations until backup arrives.

So, security guards are constantly in danger, especially in places that are more likely to attract criminals. Body Armor could make the difference between life and death for them, and help them save lives and protect civilians more effectively. Therefore, a bulletproof vest is undoubtedly one of the most important pieces of gear for security personnel.

What does security guard work look like?

Security guard work can be quite extensive, and depending on the situation and area they are working in, they may have to perform a wide range of duties and deal with several kinds of possible threats.

Security staff needs to constantly be aware of their surroundings, and be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. They need to patrol their designated areas for long periods of time, and in the case of an emergency, they need to call the police, and other emergency services as needed. 

The responsibilities and duties of security staff can vary depending on their employer. 

In banks, office buildings, hospitals, and hotels security staff are responsible for maintaining order and keeping their employer’s property, staff, and customers safe. 

In retail stores, guards have to prevent shoplifting and protect their employer’s merchandise. 

In government buildings and military bases, security personnel have to keep track of people entering and leaving the facility, monitor security camera footage, and in some cases, even defend the premises against intruders and assailants. 

At concerts, universities, and sporting events, they have to do crowd control and keep an eye out for thiefs, armed terrorists, and other criminal entities. They may also help with directing traffic in parking areas and performing security checks at the entrance. 

Security officers may also work in public transportation, and are responsible for maintaining order. Doing surveillance, and performing security checks at train stations, docks and airports. 

In bars and restaurants, security may be responsible for keeping underage people from drinking and preventing fights and other similar problems.

Is Bodyguard the same as a Security officer?

Security officers are people who maintain security and protect people, and by that definition, bodyguards may also fall in the same category, however, security guard is a term that is usually used to define people who guard a particular location or premise, whereas, bodyguards usually guard a single person or a group of people.

So, bodyguards aren’t the same as Security officers. Security officers are typically tasked with the protection of the general public and the interests of their employer in a certain area, whereas, bodyguards are usually tasked with protecting a specific set of people, or even a single VIP in many cases.

What threats do Security Guards face while on duty?

Since their job descriptions are so vast, Security guards face a wide range of threats. These threats can range from a physical altercation with a simple shoplifter, or a full-blown shoutout against armed robbers, or terrorists. This is why it is very important for security personnel to be properly equipped with body armor or bulletproof vests for ballistic protection.

The bulletproof vest as critical gear equipment for Security personnel

When you consider the various threats and dangers security officers have to deal with, it is quite obvious that it would be near impossible for them to perform their duties without ballistic protection. Most security officers in the US wear ballistic vests. These level IIIA ballistic vests offer safety against most common pistol calibers and are worn over one’s uniform.

Some guards who work in high-threat environments like military bases, and some high-security banks may also wear level III plates with plate carriers. These armor plates offer safety against rifle calibers.

Moreover, a bullet proof vest does not only offer ballistic protection, but also has Molle Compatibility, which allows security officers to easily carry all of their gear like flashlights, extra magazines, med kits, and a lot more.

It is important to remember that in most shooter situations, Security officers are the first line of defense, and they are tasked with protecting countless lives every day. Therefore, ballistic vests and body armor are an essential part of any security officer’s equipment.


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Antistab protection for Security Officers

Security officers have to deal with a wide range of possible threats, which may come from firearms, knives, or even blunt-force weapons. However, in some situations, security officers are much more likely to face a knife attack rather than a firearm.

This is especially the case of campus security in universities and colleges. These environments don’t have guns, but it is common for drunk, or unwell students to attack security staff with sharp objects and knives.

Now, despite what many people may think, a ballistic body armor vest does not have the best performance against knife and spike attacks. This is why some campus security officers use Anti Stab body armor instead of a ballistic armor vest. Anti Stab vests are specifically designed to stop knife attacks, and they are very popular in the UK and are worn by police officers. You can visit a United Kingdom site about armor and learn a lot about a wide selection of anti-stab vests.


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Concealed Body Armor T-Shirt is The Most Low Profile Protection

Many security officers have to work in covert environments, especially personal bodyguards, who usually have to wear an easily concealable covert vest under their clothes to stay inconspicuous in large crowds. In such situations, a concealed Armor T-shirt can be an excellent source of low-profile protection.

These T-shirts can offer up to level IIIA ballistic protection, which is the highest level of Handgun threat protection. They are lightweight, comfortable, and made from breathable materials.

The Apex Concealed Level IIIA bulletproof T-shirt from Acelink Armor is one of the best options when it comes to covert body armor. This concealable body armor t-shirt has a Flexcore design, which allows it to conform to the body of the wearer, and provides them with comfortable protection. This body armor t-shirt can also be worn by police officers and security guards under their uniforms.

The Apex Concealed concealable Flexcore body armor t-shirt from Acelink Armor is also perfect for women and female security officers. The Flexcore technology makes the armor panels a lot more flexible and comfortable for a female wearer.

Concealed Armor T-Shirt Level 3A


All the protection of a light armor vest with the convenience and comfort of a t-shirt.

Constructed from moisture wicking 85% polyester/15% spandex compression fabric with antimicrobial properties built.

If you have to wear body armor, why not make it as comfortable as possible? The APEX Concealed Armor T-shirt does just that. It’s made from moisture-wicking, breathable compression fabric with built-in antimicrobial properties to keep you cool and dry.

The armor pocket is designed to hold plates up to three pounds, so you can stay protected without feeling weighed down. Plus, the shirt is tailored to provide a snug, concealed fit under your clothes. Whether you’re on the job or off, the Concealed Armor T-shirt is the best way to wear body armor.

Final Thoughts:

So, in conclusion, Security officers play an essential role in keeping our society safe, and they need to have the best possible armor protection to keep them safe from the wide range of threats and dangers that they deal with on a daily basis.