Reasons You Should Own A Bulletproof Vest

Patrol Bulletproof Vest in Black

Bulletproof vests are no longer just for police and soldiers. You keep firearms and flashlights near your bed. The same way you may also want to purchase a bulletproof vest to keep it on hand.

Home invasions are on the rise, and more desperate people are likely to turn to crime to buy groceries and pay bills. Or maybe the reality is that more metabolisms need to turn to evil to pay for their habit!

According to the latest statistics from the FBI, a robbery occurs every 22.6 seconds in the United States, and approximately 88% of robberies occur in homes.

Therefore, you must be prepared to protect your home. You cannot completely rely on police officers to protect you because by the time they act it may be too late.

Putting on a bulletproof vest before you leave the house can save your life — and the people you should be protecting.

You should consider purchasing a bulletproof vest for you and your family so that you all have a level of bulletproof protection.

Having your own personal protective suit, either visible or hidden under clothing, offers advantages. It gives you the protection you need when you are in serious danger. Just knowing you have it gives you extra reassurance.

You are in constant danger, especially in the United States where citizens have the right to bear arms. It is impossible to know who is hiding the weapons. The laws regarding obtaining a license concealed carry change from state to state, which can be very complicated. Depending on your location, this may annoy you.

Protective vests help save lives. However, it can be very difficult to know which of the different options is best for you. Choosing your bulletproof vest solution doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

Reasons Why You Should Get A Bulletproof Vest

When choosing your bulletproof vest, consider the missions you are most likely to undertake and the level of protection you will need.

Armor only protects you when active. It is important to choose the right body armor for the risks you may face in the field and to wear it at all times

Public Event

Music concerts, sporting events, and major festivals often involve drugs, alcohol, and firearms. Wearing body armor at public events has become more common than you might realize.

Protection For Children

It’s a shame we even have to have this conversation, but modern times don’t seem as safe as we would like our kids to be. That’s why we designed an armored backpack insert that stops all pistols and rifles up to NIJ Level 3.

Bulletproof Vests Are Legal For (Almost) Everyone
We often get this question about whether ordinary Americans are allowed to have access to personal ballistic protection (body armor). Although rifle-caliber body armor is intended for the military and the LEO community, every American is allowed to have Level 3 and Level 4 body armor, which falls under the NIJ.

Home Defense

Arms sales have increased in recent years for the same reason poaching has increased. Covid has changed the way many of us look at life today and is really expressing concern about personal protection.

It makes sense to purchase personal ballistic protection if you will be carrying a firearm. Being able to protect your family is more than just having a gun because modern bullets go through walls and kill people every year. If you live in an area that may have a high crime rate, a bulletproof vest is perfect for your home.

If a stranger enters your building and you suspect they are armed, your best option is to put on a bulletproof vest and hide in a safe place. This saves you from having to face these people on the outside. If you wear a safety vest, you are more protected than not.


Millions of people in the United States hunt for fun and for a living. Hunters get killed (unintentionally) by another hunter. Many hunters prefer to minimize the dangers they face. Or they refuse to invest the money in a bulletproof vest. Buying your own protective vest for work will at least protect you in the event of an accident.

Body armor should protect the three most vulnerable parts of the body: the front, back, and sides.

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Can You Wear A Bulletproof Vest In Public?

Unfortunately, gun violence is rampant in the United States. So it’s understandable if you want to protect yourself by wearing a bulletproof vest when leaving the house. With that said, I’m sure you’ll want to know the answer to the question, “Is it legal to wear body armor in public?” In general, all states allow body armor to be worn in public. However, there are special rules for buying and selling these materials.

Who Is Eligible To Buy Body Armor?

There are three criteria you must meet in order to purchase and wear body armor:

● You must be a US citizen
● You must be at least 18 years old
● You mustn’t have been convicted of violent crimes

Where To Buy A BulletProof Vest?

You can purchase bulletproof vests in all US states through private transactions. You must undergo a background check or present your ID or special permit to purchase body armor. Body armor can be shipped, but only to 49 states. You cannot ship body armor to Connecticut. If you want to have body armor in this state, you have to get it through a private transaction.

Bulletproof vests can mean the difference between life and death, so finding one that fits you is very important. If you need help purchasing a vest, you can take a look at the available options we offer here at Ace Link Armor.

Ace Link Soft Armor Vests are designed with breathability, flexibility, and ease of use in mind. This vest is designed to be worn comfortably under clothing and is great for everyday wear.

Ace Link Body Armor is an excellent alternative for a variety of uses. There are hundreds of other armor sold by Ace Link Armor – Plate carriers, armor plates, tactical gear, and other accessories are also available.


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