Are Plate Carriers With Armour Plates Worth It?

Forzmoa Tactical Plate Carrier in Black Multicam

Even if you’re just heading out to the nearby hunting range for some great sport, it is always necessary for you to gear up.

And there is nothing more than gun enthusiasts like more than a great plate carrier that can protect them from almost any unexpected situation that might occur.

In the world of tactical equipment, there are many pieces of armor that have different functionalities and features, which allow the wearer the necessary layers of protection needed to function in the field.

There may be many different pieces of tactical gear, but the plate carrier is the one that is best when it comes to ballistic protection due to the armor plates attached to the carrier itself.

Additionally, there are many other reasons why you should definitely think of getting this gear, whether it is for yourself or for other enthusiasts. As we all know, Christmas is just around the corner, and these carriers can be great Christmas gifts for gun lovers.

What is a plate carrier?

Although we did discuss which category of gear the plate carrier falls under, we didn’t discuss the specific meaning of the plate carrier. This begs the question: what exactly is a plate carrier?

The plate carrier comes under the umbrella of tactical vests and is a lightweight version of tactical vests that are capable of accommodating a wide variety of ballistic plates.

Therefore, they are also known as ballistic plate carriers. When paired with these plates they function as a ‘bulletproof’ vest and are mainly used by the military or the police in tactical situations.

However, gun lovers and people interested in tactical equipment will wear this vest as well. Some use it for practical purposes, such as wearing it when going to airsoft practice, or some use it as a decoration piece for their armory or gun room, making them the perfect gifts for gun owners.


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Is It Worth It?

Due to the quality of plate carriers giving you the ability to equip a variety of different ballistic plates, they are also said to increase personal protection as well. Plate carriers are highly versatile pieces of tactical wear that can be used for various situations.

Their customizability makes them suitable for very harsh environments. The additional pouches that the plate carriers come with, allows them to accommodate different kinds of accessories such as flashlights and magazines, which are a part of the gear set.

Plate Carrier vs. Vests: The Differences

When it comes to clothing, plate carriers and vests are two terms that are often interchangeably used because them being very identical to each other.

Although there are many forums and communities which debate on the topic of them being the same, there are a few distinctions that make them different from each other.


React Plate Carrier Level 3 Armor Plates
React Plate Carrier with Level 3 Armor Plates
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What this means is that in terms of equipping them, the tactical vest offers much more convenience. This vest consists of a zip that can easily be put on or taken off, especially when you are in a rush.

The plate carriers come with cummerbunds and straps, which can be a little more tedious when putting on or taking off, but on the bright side, they allow a more snug fit due to the adjustment options. Compared to the vest, it offers a more snug fit.


It can be visibly noticed that plate carriers may be heavier than tactical vests, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.
The extra weight is due to the addition of the ballistic plates within the plate carrier, which is why in this case, the extra weight means extra protection as well.

The ballistic panel, which is made of plates, is excellent when offering plenty of protection and can help act as a lifesaver in case of a misfire at the gun range, saving you from a bullet.

Due to this, they are normally considered to be great gun gifts for men looking to step into the world of guns.
Plate carriers: the benefits


When it comes to plate carriers, they are known to take a lot of time to prepare because, unlike vests, they do not contain one zipper. However, this aspect of the plate carrier has an upside too.

Due to how the plate carrier is designed, instead of the conventional zipper, it contains a series of straps and cummerbunds. This allows for a more snug fit, and it also gives you the ability to properly adjust the straps to your liking too.

In addition to that, there are plenty of plate carriers in the market, which are great gifts for your dad. Each one is made using state-of-the-art technology and updated methods so that they will not chaff and tear at his shoulder while he is at the range.


In addition to being used for tactical purposes, there are many aspects of your life where a plate vest may prove to be helpful.

Due to the increased weight and the option to add ballistic plates to the carrier, many gym instructors and fitness experts tend to wear them in order to exercise in the gym.

This is because exercising with an increased weight helps in training and is excellent for your endurance as well.


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There are many uses and benefits to the plate carriers which allow them to be the perfect gun gifts, not only because of the protection they provide but also due to the fact that they are very comfortable pieces of tactical wear.

Additionally, the plate carrier provides the wearer with endurance training due to its increased weight while on the field as well, killing two birds with one stone.