School Security and Bulletproof vests

bulletproof vests for school security

In the US, School Shootings are an unfortunate and tragic reality that casts a dark shadow over our communities. This problem has been around for quite a while, and looking at the current political and social landscape of the country, it doesn’t seem like we are any closer to fixing it. 

In fact, just a few months ago, in March 2024, a shooter injured two teenagers in the parking lot of the West Side High School in Newark, N.J.

To put things into perspective, according to the Washington Post, at least 203 children, educators, and other people have been killed, and another 453 have been injured as a result of school shootings since 1999.

Every incident leaves communities grappling with grief, fear, and a desperate need for solutions. As the political debate rages on, with diverse opinions, on both sides of the aisle, everyone can agree on one common ground. Our schools need protection, and they need it now. 

Among several other proposals, one measure that seems pragmatic is the employment of dedicated school security personnel, equipped with proper training and protective gear. So, today we are going to talk about the need for Campus Security and the importance of bulletproof vests for School Security personnel. 

The Benefits of Employing School Security

Immediate Response to Threats

In a public shooting incident, it may take several minutes for the report to get to local Police, and for them to respond. The main advantage of having dedicated school security personnel is that they can respond to any situation immediately. 

Remember the Uvalde School Shooting, when police officers waited over an hour in the halls of the school before engaging the shooter? Therefore, you can’t just rely on police to stop such incidents. Properly trained school security personnel with access to the right gear can make a difference.

Deterrence of Potential Attackers

Another benefit of school security is deterrence. Knowing that trained professionals are guarding the school can discourage would-be perpetrators from attempting to attack in the first place. This psychological barrier can be an effective preventive measure, reducing the likelihood of violent incidents.

A Sense of Safety for Students and Staff

The presence of security officers can also foster a sense of safety among students, staff, and parents. Feeling secure in their environment can help students focus on their education, and reduce the stress and anxiety related to potential threats. Staff members can also perform their duties with greater peace of mind, knowing that there is a system in place to protect them.

Better Coordination with Law Enforcement

In the unfortunate event of an emergency, school security personnel offer an invaluable tactical advantage to the responding. law enforcement units Their training allows them to provide accurate and timely information, facilitate evacuation procedures, and assist law enforcement in the execution of their duties, thereby improving the overall effectiveness of emergency responses.

The Importance of Bulletproof Vests for School Security

Protecting those who protect us:

In the unfortunate event of an attack, the school security personnel are going to be the first line of defense. They have to be the ones to put their lives on the line to protect the children and staff in the school. Therefore, it is essential that they have some level of protection against attackers as well, and that is where Bulletproof vests come in. These vests provide some much-needed protection to school security personnel, allowing them to perform their duties with a reduced risk of injury or death. 

Additionally, Bulletproof vests don’t only protect security personnel but also ensure that they remain functional and capable of protecting students during an incident. An injured officer isn’t just a tragedy; it also means losing an essential part of the school’s protection. By wearing vests, security officers can maintain their defensive capabilities, even in dangerous situations.

Providing a Psychological Edge

Bulletproof vests, give security personnel a lot of confidence in their defensive abilities. This confidence can greatly improve their effectiveness in a high-stress situation, where the ability to think clearly and act decisively can make the difference between life and death. 

The Psychological Side Effects of Employing School Security

While there may be several benefits to employing school security, it is important to remember that it isn’t an ideal solution to the school violence problem in the US. However, For the time being, it may be the only effective solution that we can practically employ. 

At the same time, it can also have several negative psychological effects on students and staff. The constant presence of security personnel, often armed to the teeth and in their tactical uniform, can create an atmosphere of fear and anxiety. 

For some students, seeing these security measures like metal detectors and patrolling officers can serve as a daily reminder of potential threats. It can lead to heightened stress and a perception that schools are unsafe environments. This can undermine students’ sense of normalcy and well-being, potentially affecting their academic performance and overall mental health. 

Furthermore, this visible focus on security can contribute to a culture of hyper-vigilance and distrust as well. Students might feel they are always being watched and harassed which can inhibit their sense of freedom and comfort within the school environment. These factors collectively can impact the overall school climate, making it more difficult for students to feel relaxed and stay focused on their educational goals.

Other steps that can be taken to prevent school shootings

All of these security measures, like employing trained and armed guards and using metal detectors can help in preventing such attacks, but it is way more important for parents and teachers to be on the lookout as well. 

According to stats taken from the Sandy Hook Promise, over 93 percent of attacks on school grounds are planned in advance. Additionally, in 4 out of 5 school shootings, at least one person had prior knowledge of the attacker’s intentions but failed to report it to the authorities. 

They also reported that in almost every school shooting case, the attacker shared disturbing or concerning pictures, videos, or posts on social media

So, by being on the lookout for such ‘Warning Signs’ Parents and teachers can prevent such attacks, and get students planning such attacks the psychological help they need. 

According to the Sandy Hook Promise, there is also a significant link between School shootings and improper storage of firearms. According to statistics, guns used in nearly 68% of school shootings were taken from home, a friend, or a relative. 

Therefore, parents can help prevent school shootings by properly and securely storing firearms.

Lastly, parents and teachers should do their best to listen to their children. You see, no one just wakes up one day and decides to shoot up their school. Taking care of children, keeping an eye on their activities and whereabouts, and giving them a safe environment, where they can share their problems with their parents and teachers can go a long way in the prevention of these tragic attacks. 

If you as a parent are stressed about such incidents, you can also get your child a bulletproof backpack.

Final Thoughts:

School shootings can be a hard topic to talk about. They are tragic, and it seems like there is no practical way to stop these attacks. We hope this article can help people understand the importance of school security, along with its limitations. And we hope that we as a nation, and a society can combat this problem together.