• Recoil Plate Carrier

  • React Tactical Plate Carrier

  • Formoza Tactical Plate Carrier

  • Skeletac Plate Carrier

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    Tactical Vest Tactical Vest

    Recoil Plate Carrier Soft Armor Level 3A

  • React Plate Carrier Soft Armor Level 3A

  • Formoza Plate Carrier Soft Armor Level 3A

  • Quadrelease Ultra Plate Carrier Level 3 11×14″ Armor Plates 6×13″ Side Panels

  • Quadrelease Ultra Plate Carrier Level 3 11×14″ Armor Plates 6×13″ Side Panels

  • Quadrelease Ultra Plate Carrier Level 3A Soft Armor Side Panels

  • Quadrelease Ultra Plate Carrier Level 3+ 11×14″ Armor Plates

  • Quadrelease Ultra PLate Carrier Level 3 11×14″ Armor Plates

  • Quadrelease Ultra Plate Carrier for 11×14″ Armor Plates

  • Quadrelease Tactical Plate Carrier

  • Tactop Convertable Plate Carrier Pistol Bag



Tactical vests  or tac vests as they are often referred to, differ from concealable type body armor in several ways- tactical bulletproof vests are worn outside the uniform and are a key gear component for officers and soldiers alike; originally rated to a higher level of handgun protection ( Level II, and IIIA); and can also be modular in construction allowing the user to carry a wide range of items, including arrangeable or scalable ammunition pouches, radio holders, and medical first aid kits.  Police Tactical Vests  used by law enforcement will also typically have pockets to carry hard rifle rated plate armor- front and back, as well as side hard armor protection and an assortment of other gear.


Early types of tactical vests or tac vest had a make that was heavy and large, they provided the most possible armor coverage with very little consideration for comfort or movement. This proved to not be the best way to go about things, and from their the search was on to improve gear and make it more maneuverable.  It was at this point that the standard military tactical vest evolved into tactical vest carriers that provided both soft armor panels for smaller caliber protection, and hard armor pockets designed to have armor plates inserted for added rifle protection. At first the price for these types of vests was high, but as the situation slowly improved with more and more companies throwing their hat in the ring in terms of production such as with condor, the price began to go down and the tactical vests began to offer new and better maneuverability. Additionally, they now offer a wide range of accessories and additional products that have become capable to be used along side such military styled tactical vest.


In addition to the traditional black tactical vest still available today- although not as popular with tactical gear wearers anymore because of the heat-retention and how black stands out in natural environments there exists a variety of camouflage patterns available with high price options, and others price low. Some available colors and patterns popular and available currently include; Coyote Tan, OD Green, MultiCam/Black MultiCam, and other digital-based pixelated camouflage patterns. In your search for tactical vests, when it comes to color configurations, there is always something new, and you are highly likely to find what you want. At Ace Link Armor we aim to please, by making our products with the best quality possible, and making sure they are able to work with any new accessories that may be out there that would benefit you. If you are used to wearing gear of a different make, such as condor, and you’re on the search for new products, at a better price point or that are able to carry different items, Please feel free to contact Ace Link Armor. The best gear, at the best price, start your search today of Ace Link Armor Products.



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