Tactical Vests

Tactical vests  or tac vests as they are often referred to, differ from concealable type body armor in several ways- tactical bulletproof vests are worn outside the uniform and are a key gear component for officers and soldiers alike; originally rated to a higher level of handgun protection ( Level II, and IIIA); and can also be modular in construction allowing the user to carry a wide range of items, including arrangeable or scalable ammunition pouches, radio holders, and medical first aid kits.  Police Tactical Vests  used by law enforcement will also typically have pockets to carry hard rifle rated plate armor- front and back, as well as side hard armor protection and an assortment of other gear.

The evolution of a police tactical vest from early version flak-vests.

Early types of tactical vests or tac vest had a make that was heavy and large, they provided the most possible armor coverage with very little consideration for comfort or movement. This proved to not be the best way to go about things, and from their the search was on to improve gear and make it more maneuverable.  It was at this point that the standard military tactical vest evolved into tactical vest carriers that provided both soft armor panels for smaller caliber protection, and hard armor pockets designed to have armor plates inserted for added rifle protection. At first the price for these types of vests was high, but as the situation slowly improved with more and more companies throwing their hat in the ring in terms of production such as with condor, the price began to go down and the tactical vests began to offer new and better maneuverability. Additionally, they now offer a wide range of accessories and additional products that have become capable to be used along side such military styled tactical vest.

Variety of colors and camouflage patterns available for tactical vests.

In addition to the traditional black tactical vest still available today- although not as popular with tactical gear wearers anymore because of the heat-retention and how black stands out in natural environments there exists a variety of camouflage patterns available with high price options, and others price low. Some available colors and patterns popular and available currently include; Coyote Tan, OD Green, MultiCam/Black MultiCam, and other digital-based pixelated camouflage patterns. In your search for tactical vests, when it comes to color configurations, there is always something new, and you are highly likely to find what you want. At Ace Link Armor we aim to please, by making our products with the best quality possible, and making sure they are able to work with any new accessories that may be out there that would benefit you. If you are used to wearing gear of a different make, such as condor, and you’re on the search for new products, at a better price point or that are able to carry different items, Please feel free to contact Ace Link Armor. The best gear, at the best price, start your search today of Ace Link Armor Products.



Armor Carriers

Both Military and Law Enforcement personnel rely heavily on body armor and carriers to protect them during the course of their duties.  Soldiers and officers alike require ballistic protection due to the tactical situations they often find themselves in, and will often times find themselves wearing their body armor for extended periods of times, as they wear their body armor throughout the length of their mission or work shift- at the expense of personal comfort.  As a result, soldiers and law enforcement officers now have the ability to wear their soft body armor, with or without heavier hard armor rifle protection plates.  The wearer may even choose to wear either only soft body armor for pistol caliber protection, or a plate carrier specifically made to hold front and back hard armor rifle plates such as those offered by 5 11 Tactical, Armor Express, and Ace Link Armor.

The difference between Plate Carriers and Plate Carrier Vests.

Body armor has advanced to the point that wearers have more choices in styles, models, and different versions of bulletproof vests or carriers than they can wear.  Two basic designs that exist today are the plate carriers or tac vest, as they are sometimes referred to; each having distinct features, here is how they compare.

Plate carriers are specifically made to hold a front and a back hard rifle plate body armor as far as ballistic protection.  Both the front and back of the plate carrier are able to hold hard armor plates using pockets, the plates are able to be inserted into- then closed to secure each plate inside.  These tactical plate carriers can only hold hard armor rifle plates or same shape soft armor backing panels for ICW or spalling prevention if steel plates are used. The price for these types of tactical carriers is usually lower as a result as well.

Plate Carrier Vests are actually Soft Armor Panel Vests with individual front and back pockets built-in or modularly attached that allow the wearer to have both soft armor panels- with side protective extensions- for front and back pistol caliber protection; as well as, the added option of using the front and back hard armor rifle carrier plates pockets to have rifle caliber protection. This added protection offered by these types of carriers aids the officer in tactical situations, but as a result, these carriers usually come in at a higher price than the for-mentioned plate carriers.

Colors and patterns offered for plate carriers and vests

Plate carriers or plate carrier vests were first manufactured in solid colors like black, tan, green, or blue; these solid colored vests were considered low-cost to make option, easy to market to government and police agencies, and easily repairable if there was a warranty claim. Due to the fact that the price for these was not high, they quickly began to be adopted by numerous police agencies across the country to the point that they became mainstream.  Currently, tactical vests and armor carriers are manufactured in camouflage colors and patterns that are mainly driven by public demand, as these companies realized there is a lot of money to be made in the civilian market, whereas agencies are requesting manufacturers to produce colors that cover a wider variety of backdrop and backgrounds the wearer might find themselves in.  The best armor carriers are now are available in a wide range of configurations from Multicam plate carrier covers, to neutral tone camouflage patterns such as subdued urban digital camo. Whereas on the civilian side, they will often by available in a number of color options and camo configurations that have been phased out or are not widely used such as Rhodesian Bush-stroke, Flecktarian, or Kryptek.

There are also multiple companies that produce plate carriers and vests. 5.11, AR500 , Ace Link Armor and Condor make armor plate carriers in popular styles and patterns that are widely used by both government and civilian sporting arms enthusiast alike. Ace Link Armor in particular offers a wide range of tactical carriers at lower price points than the competition. With a wide range of options available, a person can find the tactical vest that best fits the needs of the situation they will find themselves most likely to be in, at a price that will not break the bank. If when shopping around, you find that you cannot decide on the type of carriers you need, or what type of body armor would be best for your situation, feel free to contact us and one of our associates will be able to help you choose the body armor or carriers systems that will fit your tactical situation best.

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