What Should A Ballistic Helmet Protect From?

Special Mission Ballistic Helmet

Helmets! An integral part of every order-related official attire dates back to 2500 BC. Sometimes it is for style, other times for identification but inherently for protection. Over the years, helmets have come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and even fabrics, each properly serving its purpose. Recently, we have come to be acquainted with the ballistic helmet, which serves as head armor for our soldiers. And we must admit it is quite the fashionable touch to official attires.

What exactly is a ballistic helmet?

A ballistic helmet, otherwise known as a bulletproof helmet, is a head armor tactically designed to protect or safeguard the head of its wearer from impending threats. The helmet is primarily intended to be worn during war or/and war-like events; as such, impending threats would include; bullets, blasts, and blunt impacts that could cause partial or permanent head damage. Therefore, as a rule of thumb and to provide complete body protection, ballistic helmets are predominantly worn with full-body bulletproof armor.


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What Do Ballistics Helmets Protect From?

Whether you are fighting in the North to block an invasion, conquering territories somewhere in the South, or even just at your construction site, keeping your head is the utmost priority. All of these instances present a real danger to a person, and to that effect, here is why you need a ballistic helmet.

Protection against ballistic impact ( Bullets)

Protection against bullets must be the most obvious answer in this textbook, but nobody wants a  bullet in their head. So most modern ballistic helmets are made with kevlar K29 fiber used to numb down the effect of a bullet. Let us face it, fighting for your country or beliefs must feel good, but not having to Worry about losing your head while fighting must feel amazing.

Protection from Blunt Impact

Simply put, the blunt impact is felt when a body collides with a blunt surface such as a first, a hammer, or even the prominent edge of a wood pile. These can cause severe Head damage depending on the distance and the force exerted. Given the circumstances under which one must wear a bulletproof helmet, the pressure exerted is likely tremendous and usually results in internal head injuries. To avoid such injuries, bulletproof helmets are worn by soldiers on the battlefront, authorities handling a riot, and sometimes even civilians handling heavy, Dangerous equipment such as building materials.

Protection from Blast Debris

Dirt probably doesn’t sound scary. But imagine this! Dirt flying at 20km in seconds from a bomb blast, and pieces of metal, fine stones and bones, and pieces of glass in that dirt. All of that aims for your head, eyes, ears, and lips. Now that we have a clear mental picture of just how dangerous rubbish from a blast can be, we are confident you do not want that. A ballistic helmet can fix that problem by protecting your ears, eyes, and other head features from blast debris.

Are Ballistic Helmets Worth It?

While it may not be compulsory to use a ballistic helmet, If you plan on keeping your head, you probably should!