Veterans Day

Christmas is on the horizon, and you may be seeking to put a smile on the face of a special friend who happens to be a gun owner come December. While most gun owners will appreciate new ammo and cleaning supplies, friends and family members might have gifted them such accessories already. So do not be worried and disturbed, for enclosed below is a list of some of the most treasured items every gun lover or enthusiast would love to add to their arsenal, tactical gear, or find under the Christmas tree.

Electronic Shooting Earmuffs

Premium quality earmuffs are a must for gun lovers. They help protect your hearing during shooting or hunting practice. These earmuffs help filter and reduce the sounds of loud gunshots and are also ideal for amplifying voices to a safe level. In addition, the newer version of earmuffs comes with MP3 capabilities, allowing gun enthusiasts to listen to their favorite songs while on a shooting range or hunting trip.

Magazine Subscription

If you genuinely want to make this Christmas memorable for that gun-lover friend, offering a free subscription to his favorite gun or hunting magazine is a must. Some popular gun magazines include Guns and Ammo, Gun World, Shooting Times, and Field and Stream. These magazines will help keep that friend up to with the latest pieces and gun-related accessories on offer in the market.

Range Bag

You can’t be a gun lover without having your guns and accessories put in the same bag for easy movement and mobility. This certainly makes the range bag an ideal gift for that special friend. In addition, opt for a range bag with multiple pocket fasteners to keep everything in its place.

Gun Vault – Nano Vault

A gun vault is a small and portable handgun safe. This is a mobile, lockable, and perfect gift for every gun lover and enthusiast this Christmas. This mini safe works well for home or travel, and owning it means you must be a holder of the CCW permit. Most importantly, the  Gun Vault or Nano Vault meets TSA airline firearm guidelines. Though the safe won’t stop someone from stealing your firearm, it will keep children away from harm and gun-related accidents.

Gun or Firearm Training

Paying for a concealed carry class for that gun lover friend if they haven’t subscribed yet is a fantastic Christmas gift. Of course, they won’t enjoy carrying their weapons every day, but their presence in these classes will enlighten them with firearms dos and don’ts and the legal issues of carrying firearms.

Gunsmith Tool Set

Guns, like most devices, need some expertise to make minor repairs when needed. While not everyone can acquire the skills of gunsmiths, reading gun manuals, gun maintenance books, or watching videos on gun maintenance is vital for most gun lovers. So as a friend of a gun lover, gifting them such books and videos that will enhance their gun maintenance skills will be a treasured gift for that friend this Christmas.

Other gifts for gun enthusiasts this Christmas include

  • Bore Light
  • Tactical Pen
  • Reactive Splatter Targets

Final Note

Haven’t said all that and should you find it hard getting that perfect gift for your gun lover friend this Christmas, adding ammo to their collection is fine as it tops almost everyone’s list of gun-related gadgets to be acquired. But unfortunately, most gun lovers and enthusiasts never have enough ammo. Try to do a little research to determine their caliber(s), and then pick up some training or self-defense ammo in that caliber. It doesn’t matter whether your favorite gun enthusiast is a hunter, a survivalist, or a collector. There are plenty of exciting gift items out there in all price ranges to put a smile on their face(s) this Christmas