Why Backpack Ballistic Panel Is The Best Way To Keep Your Kid Safe

Rapid Deploy Backpack Tan

You undoubtedly purchase #2 pencils, colored folders, and wide-ruled notebooks as you prepare for school resumption. But have you given safety any thought? Sadly, shootings at schools continue to occur often in the US. We want to persuade you to think about getting backpack ballistic panels if you are among the people who believe that it is better to be safe than sorry and that being prepared is a virtue.

Purchasing backpack ballistic panels is essentially a no-brainer. Although it’s unlikely that you’ll ever need to use it, it’s a long-term investment (and a reasonably priced insurance policy) that might save your and your dear ones’ lives.

Benefits of Backpack Ballistic Panels


Among all ballistic items, a backpack has the most range of motion. The most practical and enjoyable of these protective items, bulletproof backpacks don’t restrict the user’s movement as a standard pack does. Therefore, it is the best choice for travelers like businesspeople and students.


Bulletproof bags come in various innovative looks, unlike ballistic vests, rigid armor plates, etc., which offer fewer options. Depending on your preferences, you can pick from various backpack colors, patterns, sizes, and dimensions.


These bags are handy since they perform the same functions as regular book bags but with additional safety characteristics.

The tools that were already accessible have to be modified by manufacturers since students cannot carry bulletproof shields around all day. However, it is efficient for college students who frequently walk great distances without access to lockers.


A bulletproof backpack performs similarly to any other school bag, save from having ballistic panels. Like conventional school bags, bulletproof backpacks can have a few unique characteristics that make using them more convenient. Therefore, it is much safer to use a cell phone or music device without placing it in a pocket or your hands by, for instance, having headphone holes in various backpacks.


The least expensive bulletproof things on the market right now are ballistic backpacks. While body armor typically costs at least $600, ballistic packs range from $200 to $300. Therefore, a bulletproof bag is a better option for most regular consumers.


Of course, carrying a bulletproof book bag is mainly done for safety reasons. Although most suppliers claim that these bulletproof backpacks adhere to level IIIA ballistic standards, not all of their goods have been tested. Nevertheless, the bookbags still offer some protection in the event of an incident, even though there may not be concrete evidence that they save lives. They might also provide additional security for children involved in violent incidents off-campus, including as they are walking to and from school or caught in an active shooter situation.

Rapid Deploy Backpack Tan


The Rapid Deploy Bulletproof Backpack is the perfect solution for professionals committed to being prepared. With the ability to transform from a backpack to a bulletproof vest, with customizable and removable panels to fit any body type, this pack has more options than ever before.

NIJ06 Level IIIA (not included) protection panels included: 10×12″ and 11×14″ so you can be as safe as humanly possible while not sacrificing style or comfortability on the go. Due to the body armor being in a backpack, it can weigh less than traditional body armor and be easier to wear for long periods of time.


While schools try to keep students safe, it is hard to avoid random acts of violence since they are unpredictable. However, we can improve school security by drawing lessons from earlier terrible events and implementing protocols. Never forget that even saving one life is worthwhile.