Why Plate Carriers with Armor Plates are the Best Gifts for Gun Enthusiasts

Recoil Plate Carrier Black

Shopping for gun enthusiasts can be challenging. It gets more difficult if you know nothing about guns and you need valuable gun gifts for men. Men make gifting complicated—because they don’t know what they want. If you ask them what they want, most men will give a vague answer or tell you: ”anything is okay.” Confusing, right?
The good news is that men appreciate gifts that speak to their hobbies or interests. If you’re scrambling to find a wow-worthy gift for that special person that loves guns, body armor products are the best gifts you can give that person. And a plate carrier with armor plates is a perfect option you should consider. Getting a carrier and armor plate for a gun enthusiast shows you care about the person’s interest and want to keep them safe.

Why do gun enthusiasts appreciate a plate carrier and armor plates gift?

Plate carriers and armor plates offer many irresistible benefits, which include:


Plate carriers with armor plates offer better protection than regular vests. They are stronger and more resistant than ordinary vests. And they stop fast bullets more effectively than traditional vests. Armor plates can even offer exceptional protection against rifle threats. Additionally, armor plates are stab proof. Using carriers with rigid armor plates can stop knife attacks. They can also protect the wearer from heat and explosives to some extent. Giving gun gifts like a carrier and armor plate shows that you care about the recipient’s safety. And they will forever be grateful for that.


Plate carriers come with straps and cummerbunds at the waist and shoulders. They keep the vest in place, regardless of the user’s activity. The straps and cummerbunds make it easy to adjust the vest to fit the user’s body perfectly. Also, carriers are designed with padding inside to make them comfortable with and without armor plates. So, plate carriers and armor plates are valuable gifts for gun owners.


Working out with a plate carrier improves the outcome of exercise routines. Using a carrier during physical training adds extra resistance and optimizes performance. Carriers build cardiovascular and aerobic stamina during exercise, which improves endurance, agility, speed, and strength. Most bodyweight exercises—such as sit ups, rope climbing, chin-ups, and burpees—are effective with plate carriers.

Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment (MOLLE)

MOLLE is a new type of load-bearing equipment used by the military. It is made with heavy-duty nylon, giving it enough strength to support heavy tactical gears. MOLLE is one of the essential features of a plate carrier—as the compartment of pouches. It allows the person wearing the vest to carry essential tactical gear conveniently.
With these benefits, there is no doubt that plate carriers and armor plates are generous gifts for gun enthusiasts. No matter the occasion or time of year, a gun fan will appreciate a plate carrier and armor plates. You can even present them as Christmas gifts for gun lovers.


React Plate Carrier Level 3+ Armor Plates
React Plate Carrier with Level 3+ Armor Plates
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Formoza Plate Carrier Level 3+ Armor Plates
Formoza Plate Carrier with Level 3+ Armor Plates
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What to consider when buying body armor as a gift?

You must consider certain features when you’re shopping to ensure the gift is well received. If features like the design, build, or quality of the plate carrier and plates are unacceptable, the gift can disappoint the recipient. Here are the features you should consider when shopping for a plate carrier and armor plates.


The best plate carriers are made with materials that will last. An excellent example of such a material is nylon fabric. A carrier will wear out quickly if the quality of the material is poor. Armor plates are usually made from polyethylene, ceramic, steel, or a combination of the materials. These materials are strong enough to protect the wearer, but polyethylene is the best material for armor plates.


A MOLLE system makes a plate carrier modular. This system creates spaces on the plate carrier for attaching tactical gear, accessories, and other essential things. There are carriers with an extra back panel, creating more space to keep gears. You should consider them if the gift recipient likes to attach many things to their vest.

Quick-release tabs:

These tabs are helpful for easy and instant removal of the vest during emergencies. They are another part of a plate carrier that makes it effective. Quick-release tabs help keep the vest firm during use. Plate carriers won’t significantly impact training or adequately protect the user if positioned wrongly. Using quick-release tabs correctly can keep vests in a position where they will function optimally.

Adjustable waist and tensional bands:

Plate carriers with these bands offer an unrestrictive close-fitting effect, which allows the user to move freely during training or tactical mission. They support quick-release tabs in keeping the vest in the proper position. A suitable carrier should have these bands to provide snug and free movement.

Water-resistant coating:

This protects plate carriers and armor plates from the damaging effect of humidity. That way, the recipient of the gift can wear the vest and plates confidently while it is raining or snowing.

Compatibility with standard armor plates:

If you’re not buying the plate carrier and the armor plates from the same sellers or manufacturers, you should consider the carrier’s compatibility with other brands’ plates. Ensure the plate carrier can accommodate the levels of ballistic plates the gift recipient needs, including specialized weighted plates designed for training.

Back yoke shoulder pads:

These pads will evenly distribute the weight of the vest on the user’s shoulders. That way, the wearer will feel comfortable when heavy gears are in the vest’s pouches, or the user is carrying a heavy armor plate.

Extendable drag handle:

Useful for exfiltration during an emergency. Most people would appreciate having a drag handle on their plate carrier. It’s best if the drag handle’s material is solid and adjustable.


Recoil Plate Carrier Level 3+ Armor Plates
Recoil Plate Carrier with Level 3+ Armor Plates
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Final Thoughts:

Here’s the bottom line—a plate carrier and armor plates are perfect and thoughtful gifts for gun enthusiasts. They are good gun gifts for dads, friends, or brothers that can’t stop talking about guns. But you must consider the design, features, and quality of the gift you’re buying. Ask yourself if the gift recipient would love the features of the plate carrier and armor plates. Sometimes, you can ask them about the plate carrier features they like. Then, surprise them with it!