Handling, Cleaning, and Storage of Bulletproof Vest

Concealable Level 3A Bulletproof Vest

The wearing of bullet-resistant gear or other protective tactical gear to save a life is very necessary for members of the armed forces, law enforcement officers, and security employees.

In many cases, body armor is bulky, heavy, and uncomfortable. Ballistic protection can frequently be very immobile. Ace Link Armor is the leading manufacturer and distributor of personal body armor products in the United States, with new manufacturing techniques trying to make them lighter, more comfortable, and easier to wear.

What is a bulletproof vest?

A bulletproof vest is a protective apparel worn to shield the body from bullets.

Different materials can be used to make a bulletproof vest, aiming to provide a specified level of protection for you. The one thing they all have in common is that they are all composed of a fiber, which the various producers combine and put together differently depending on the type of vest they want to make and how it will be used.


Spectre Bulletproof Vest Level IIIA Standard
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How to care for your Bulletproof Vest

Your carrier may encounter some dirt, sweat, and perhaps some blood. Even the most well-ventilated carriers eventually develop an unpleasant odor and appearance.

Your plate carrier’s longevity, durability, and continued proper operation depend on you cleaning and storing it properly.

The directions for storage, handling, and cleaning are all included in this article, along with all the other information you require to properly care for your bulletproof vest.

How to clean your bulletproof vest

Modern body armor requires certain cleaning precautions to be taken care of properly. Every model that satisfies NIJ requirements has a label with cleaning instructions attached to it. If you want to keep the body armor in a condition that enables it to continue serving its purpose, you must adhere to these rules.

The majority of modern body armor is built from fibers that are naturally water resistant, allowing hand cleaning without compromising the vest’s ballistic performance. Rinse completely to get rid of all cleaning substance residue to stop the buildup of soap film. This is actually very significant because, over time, this layer can absorb water and weaken the protective qualities of some materials.

Body armor protective gear should only be hand-washed in warm or cold water with a sponge or soft cloth.

  • Avoid immersing the protective panel in water, according to the majority of manufacturers. Even when diluted, starch and bleach should be avoided since they lower the amount of protection. This includes non-chlorine and peroxide-based bleach. If the armor model has a removable carrier, the carrier might be machine cleaned under certain circumstances.
  • You might just want to use a toothbrush and some warm soapy water for harder stains.
  • Avoid dry cleaning, using an electric dryer, and washing machine. Air dry your vest. Although temperature extremes are a part of the NIJ certification tests, it’s recommended to store your armor vest flat allowing them to air dry to extend its lifespan.

Best Storage tips for your bulletproof vests

How you store your armor is just as important as how you clean it. Placing bulletproof vests on a clothing hanger is one of the most common storage methods, however, it’s incorrect and should be avoided; this can cause the carrier straps to wear out over time and cause the armor to rest improperly on the body. Most manufacturers recommend placing the armor flat as opposed to hanging it.

Avoid storing your armor for an extended period of time in an area with little ventilation or with severe temperatures (such as a car trunk). Avoid direct sun. Avoid storing the vest in a moist environment. Avoid folding it, or putting heavy objects on top of it. These factors all have the ability to weaken the armor.

Bottom line

Your ballistic vest is made to resist a certain type of round. It cannot offer security against all potential threats. Your vest is NOT bulletproof; it is only bullet-resistant. Combining panels and carriers from several manufacturers should be avoided as it can violate the warranty.

If you take proper care of your personal body armor, it should last you for many years. Check out our selection of armor plates, bulletproof vests, and other tactical gear, then use our body armor cleaning instructions to keep them looking good.