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Bulletproof Vests
  • Skeletac Hybrid Bulletproof Vest

  • Skeletac Hybrid Bullet And Stab Proof Vest

  • Skeletac Hybrid Bulletproof Vest Flexcore


  • Body Armor Bulletproof Vest Level 3A “Livewire” Flexcore

  • Stab Proof Bulletproof Body Armor “Livewire”

  • Body Armor Bulletproof Vest Level 3A “Livewire”

  • Concealable Level 3A Bulletproof Vest “Spectre” FLEXCORE

  • Bullet and Stab Proof Concealable Body Armor “Spectre” Level 3A

  • Concealable Bulletproof Vest “Spectre” Level 3A

  • Torque Bulletproof Tactical Vest

  • Torque Stab Proof and Bulletproof Tactical Vest

  • Concealable Bulletproof and Stab Proof Vest “Quantum” Level 3A

  • Concealable Bulletproof Vest Level IIIA “Quantum” Flexcore Level 3A

  • Concealable Bulletproof Vest Level 3A “Quantum”

  • Concealable Bulletproof Vest Level 3A “Enhancer”

  • Bullet and Stab Proof Concealable Body Armor “Enhancer” Level 3A

  • Bulletproof and Stab Proof Overt Body Armor “Primer” Level 3A

  • Bulletproof Vest Level 3A “Primer”

  • Bulletproof And Stab Proof Concealed Armor T-shirt “Apex”

  • Apex Concealed Armor Bulletproof T-shirt 3A

  • Concealed Armor T-Shirt “Apex”

  • Skeletac Hybrid Bulletproof Vest

  • Skeletac Hybrid Bullet And Stab Proof Vest

  • Skeletac Hybrid Bulletproof Vest Flexcore

  • Stab Proof and Bulletproof Tactical Vest Level 3a “Comp-28”

  • Tactical Level 3A Bulletproof Vest “Comp-28”

  • M.S.O.V. Special Operation Bulletproof Vest Level 3A



A bullet proof vest is a type of bullet resistant body armor that is designed to absorb the impact and minimizes the penetration of projectiles in tactical situations when the police officers or military troops work in combat operations. As bullet travels, it transfers it’s kinetic energy to any hard surface that comes in contact with the bullet. Bullet proof vests are made up high tech material which can reduce and stop damage done by bullets to body parts like chest, stomach or abdomen, back etc.

The bulletproof vest material is very strong and can take up a huge amount of kinetic energy before breaking or degrading (fragmenting). However, if bulletproof vests have multiple layers then bullet can cause damage to some layers of the vests but would not be able to penetrate completely through all the layers.

Vests are made of heavy-duty materials that cover the chest and stomach areas, made primarily to withstand the impact from a rifle or pistol rounds at close to long range. Body Armor is usually designed in either soft armor or hard armor-shell materials depending on the level of protection you are looking for. Remember – in order to get good protection from a bullet proof vest you must wear it properly at all times. Many individual fail to wear their bullet proof vest properly, which will result in soft body parts such as neck or face being unprotected by bulletproof vests.

The short answer is yes. The average person (not only police officer) can legally purchase and possess body armor as long as they are of age and it isn’t specifically illegal in their state or city.

For instance, in New York City it is against the law to wear a bulletproof vest while committing crimes. So if you put on one while robbing a bank, you will be arrested. In Texas it is illegal to possess and wear concealed body armor while committing a crime. Again, if you commit a felony wearing body armor you will be arrested.

For instance, in New York City it is against the law to wear a bulletproof vest while committing crimes. So if you put on one while robbing a bank, you will be arrested. In Texas it is illegal to possess and wear concealed body armor while committing a crime. Again, if you commit a felony wearing body armor you will be arrested.

If you’re just wearing body armor because you like it, then no one will arrest you for violating any laws. It’s only if you are committing a crime that body armor might be illegal.  Many of these laws on wearing bulletproof vests and buying them were written as responses to the Los Angeles riots in which several people were seen wearing body armor during riots and protests. The California legislature reacted by passing legislation against possessing bullet-resistant clothing during the commission of certain crimes and in certain locations.

If you are a police officer, corrections officer or member of the military, it is perfectly legal to wear bulletproof vests while performing your official duties. In fact, bullet-resistant vests are required equipment by many departments.

In the majority of states on the continent, the citizens can possess and wear body armor and ballistic protection items. It’s important to know these laws and to be cautious before purchasing and using vests and other body armor as a plate carrier with armor plates. It is highly recommended that you keep checking your local and national regulatory department for specific laws in your area pertaining to ballistic protection. You can read more about this topic in our blog post about legal aspects of wearing body armor – It it legal to wear body armor?

Ace Link Armor offers great designs, quality and superior functionality while keeping the prices competitive. You can get quality Concealable Bulletproof Vest for as low as $349.00 while full protection model for police officer (like M.S.O.V. Modular Special Operations Vest) cost $799.00 but provides a greater area of protection.

However, the price of a vest can vary depending on the actual model of the vest that you choose. Bullet proof vests cost can vary depending on the ballistic vests you are purchasing, but generally, an item can range between $300 to even $1,500 dollars or more.


The answer is yes – as long as a proper level of protection armor plate is involved. Most bulletproof vests and protective armor only protect against handgun or shotgun rounds of ammunition, they are called Level IIIA Body Armor Bulletproof Vests.

Ace Link Armor offers Level 3 Plus Body Armor and Level 4 Body Armor made from the highest quality materials that can withstand any type of 7.62x39mm MSC AK-47 round from point-blank to long-range. We have a wide selection of body armor plates to choose from for your level of protection needed. For protection against rifle fire there is no better way to go than buying on of the body armor packages where you get plate carrier and 2 or 4 pieces of great body armor at discounted price!

No, however bulletproof vests can be bullet proof and stab-proof at the same time. The bullet resistant material is simply not designed to be stab-resistant. It will just get penetrated with the sharp blade and it will result in critical injury or death of the wearer.

We offer body armor plates in a wide variety of options to fit any level of protection you may need. Our stab proof body armor is made from a stab and bullet resistant fabric that can both protect you from bullets, and a spike and slash attack of up to 36 J of energy.

If you are looking for anti-stab or stab proof protection choose one of Ace Link Armor Bulletproof Stab Proof Vests which are among the best on the market provide protection against sharp objects such as knives, shrapnel etc in addition to bullet proof function.

The two main components of a carrier are the armor plates or panels, which stop bullets, and the carrier materials, which hold everything together. The soft armor panels on top are made from strong materials like Aramid or PE fiber.

You may heard of names like Kevlar, Spectra but be informed that those are only commercial names, in fact those are aramid or PE fabrics. Soft body armors offer more flexibility as compared to the other kind but they do not protect against rifle bullets very well. You will need hard bullet proof plate for that purpose. Hard Body Armor panels are made with a bullet-resistant material like UHMW PE (Polyethylene) and ceramic that can withstand the impact from high-velocity bullet rounds. They are pressed together to form a plate capable of stopping ballistic threats.

You may be wondering, “can I own Level IV armor plates ?” The answer is yes! Any civilian can purchase any of our armor plates at any time- as long as they are legally able to own body armor.

It’s a common misconception that civilians can’t own Level IV body armor plates. The reality is that the Department of Defense has no jurisdiction over who owns armor plates. However, there are some restrictions on how it can be used and where it can be carried in public. If you’re interested in buying Level 4 body armor plates for your personal use, please check out some of what we have to offer. Now they are highly popular with enthusiasts and even general survivalists concerned about the possibility of active shooter encounters.

Get one of Level IV Armor Plates NOW!

Whether you need bulletproof vest for your job or you are looking bulletproof wear to protect yourself from a bullet, the best place to buy bulletproof vest is definitely

Ace Link Armor doesn’t just sell bullet resistant body armor but also other types of special body armor that includes: tactical body armor, SWAT vestes, bullet resistant backpack, and plate carrier.

Check our prices and see how affordable bullet proof vests can be!

Choosing protective bullet proof gear will not only save your life but it’s one of the most important things you should do for your protection. Don’t let others endanger your security without having bullet proof equipment yourself!

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our bullet resistant body armor or bulletproof backpack! If you don’t like what you bought, just send it back and we’ll exchange it for free! You can easily buy bulletproof kit here and get protected by tomorrow thanks to our lightning fast shipping service!

As you can see, there are many things to think about before considering buying one of a bullet proof vests. If this is something that interests you and your family’s safety or security, we recommend taking the time to take a look at our different types of ballistic vests and items that are available on our online store so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time for purchase.

The need for body armor has never been greater. With the increase in active shooter incidents, more civilians are purchasing bulletproof vests to protect themselves and their loved ones. There is a wide variety of options on the market but Ace Link Armor stands out as an excellent choice because they provide quality protection at a reasonable price point without compromising style or comfort.

Ace Link Armor is the industry leader in tactical, military and law enforcement gear. We specialize in providing superior protection from everything from knives to rifles. Our selection of Ace Link Body Armor includes lightweight soft armor which provides great protection level in a soft, flexible carrier. It’s ideal for those looking for basic chest and back coverage or who do not want to wear heavier ballistic panels on their shoulders and back but still need something more than a t-shirt to cover their vital organs.

If you want to learn about some other types of safety gear that can help keep your family safe from harm, visit our website! We have information on all sorts of ballistic protection products including Bulletproof Backpacks, Armor T-shirts or Body Armor Bulletproof Vests.



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