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New Aramid Flexcore Ballistic Protection Panels released by Ace Link Armor.

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The new panels feature a durable ultrasound-sealed TPU outer shell with superior burst strength and a revolutionary Flexcore inner structure. The protective clothing designed as a innovative flexible sandwich concept allows for high impact absorption, low weight, and greater flexibility than conventional rigid body armor plates. This combined with extraordinary ballistic protection results in best body armor in IIIA level of protection.

With an unbeatable combination of lightweight, durability, and price – the new Flexcore™ Technology concept made the body armor ballistic panels for plate carriers lighter than conventional rigid or steel plates. Superior flexibility for additional comfort during movement is signature mark for this tactical body armor insert for vests and plate carriers.

New Aramid Flexcore Ballistic Protection Panels released by Ace Link Armor.
Aramid soft armor panel section view.

“Since Ace Link Armor was established in 2017 we have been committed to producing state-of-the-art body armor products for customers worldwide. Developing new ballistic structure is a great achievement for us as we continue to expand into new markets with innovative products.” said Jakub Dabrowka, President and CEO of Ace Link Armor in a press news release.

Innovative new ballistic panels construction that combines high modulus properties of woven aramid fabrics with UHMW PE impact-absorption capabilities, these tactical armor panels will be able to take on the most dangerous jobs while still providing comfort at all times. New panels have been tested in independent ballistic laboratories and found effective in stopping threats as per Level IIIA according to National Institute of Justice 0101.06 Standard (you can check compliant armor on NIJ website).

New Aramid Flexcore Ballistic Protection Panels released by Ace Link Armor.
National Institute of Justice Levels of protection.

The aramid layers in this body armor panel have been laminated with abrasion resistant TPU fabric and ultrasound welded so they will not separate during normal use or rough handling, adding an additional layer of protection.

According to the information released by the company, new body armor panels are 1.23 lbs/sqft heavy and 0.28″ thin which means they can be worn comfortably without having to worry about bulkiness or discomfort. This is especially important for police, military personnel, and other law enforcement officers who need to wear this type of body armor protection on long shifts.

Aramid Flexcore body armor panels not only protect the wearer by absorbing energy but also dispersing it over a greater surface area reducing blunt injuries in addition to penetrating injuries caused by projectiles.

With Flexcore™ panels incorporated into one of many body armor bulletproof vests – law enforcement officers have now the ability to wear concealable bulletproof protection that doesn’t compromise comfortability and mobility when wearing body armor.

Good information for those who wear bulletproof vests or other body armor for long hours at work – Aramid Flexcore super-thin panels (only 6.8mm or 0.28” which is thinner than an average smartphone!) will adapt snugly to your body contour and will make you forget you’re wearing body armor.

New Aramid Flexcore Ballistic Protection Panels released by Ace Link Armor.
Ballistic panels thickness comparison.

Only 1.23 pounds per square foot of panel weight for level IIIA soft armor makes it one of the lightest ballistic vests solutions available on the market. This body armor provides very light and practically indestructible IIIA protection against the most common handgun threats. Highest quality body armor panels in your plate carrier or bulletproof vest – that’s what a police officers needs when the bullet strikes.

With an unmatched combination of innovative new technology and top-end performance – the completely new Aramid Flexcore™ soft body armor plates offers you the best choice to provide maximum protection to yourself.

“Flexcore™ is a registered trademark of Ace Link Armor.”

5 Replies to “New Aramid Flexcore Ballistic Protection Panels released by Ace Link Armor.”

  1. Connor M

    I really got educated here before my purchase of your guys’ Level 3A Flexcore body armor.

    Great quality & very satisfied!

    Much appreciated.

  2. Cesar Alfafara

    I like to know more information.

    1. Jacob Dabrowka[ Post Author ] please contact us with all your questions

  3. Kyle Rickard

    do you sell to civilians

    1. Jacob Dabrowka[ Post Author ]

      Yes, we sell to law abiding adult civilians.

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