The benefits of choosing a high visibility ballistic vest for law enforcement and security guards

EMS Firs Responder wearing High-Visibility Bulletproof Vest

Law enforcement officials, security guards, and first responders have to deal with a lot of dangerous situations daily. When everyone runs away from the danger, these brave men and women run towards it and protect the lives of their fellow citizens. Therefore, they need to have some sort of protection for themselves, and this is why body armor and ballistic vests are extremely essential for these brave people.

For a long time, most police officers have used simple ballistic vests that have dark exterior carriers in many cases. This is because most vests are typically designed with military use in mind, where concealment and camouflage is a key factors in a soldier’s uniform. However, for law enforcement, security guards, and first responders, overtness is more important. Whether they are acting as deterrents for criminals or responding to accidents, it is important that these people can be identified easily in a crowd.

This is where High Visibility Ballistic Vests come in. These vests are an excellent and innovative new option for police officers, and security personnel, and in this post, we are going to talk in detail about the benefits of using these high-visibility bulletproof vests.

High Visibility

The first and most obvious benefit of a High visibility Bulletproof vest is improved visual conspicuity for police officers. These vests improve the safety of police officers by significantly decreasing the chances of transportation accidents. In fact, Under the current Federal Highway Administration regulations set by the DOT police officers working on or near Federal-Aid highways are mandated to wear High Visibility Saftey Vests to enhance their visibility.

In low-light conditions, the bright and vibrant colors of high-visibility vests are easily visible. One of the main use cases of these vests is the prevention of roadside accidents for police officers and security personnel, and these vests work quite effectively in that role. They reflect more light coming from the headlights of oncoming cars and give drivers more time to react, significantly decreasing the chances of police officers and security guards getting hit by cars.

According to a recent study, which examined data between 2005 and 2017, a total of 775 police officers died in traffic-related accidents, which makes up for about 37% of deaths among police officers. This shows how common these accidents can be in the real world, and wearing a high-visibility bulletproof vest can help police officers avoid these problems.

EMS First Responder wearing High Visibility Bulletproof Vest


The High-Vis carrier is tailored for first responders / Ems / security and offers Level IIIA protection. The vest provides instantaneous protection, has pockets to hold emergency equipment, and ensures comfort even in demanding conditions.

High Visibility Vest with LASER-CUT. Stay prepared and protected with state-of-art ballistic panels that are thinner than your cell phone and adapt snugly to your body contour in the way that will make you forget you’re wearing body armor!

Advanced Ballistic Protection

Secondly, High Visibility ballistic vests also offer superior protection to traditional body armor. As far as simple ballistic protection is concerned, the NIJ level of the vest determines its level of ballistic protection, regardless of whether it has a high visibility or standard exterior. However, High visibility body armor also protects the wearer from a wide range of other possible threats.

For instance, High visibility vests improve the chances of deterrence when it comes to crime. In many cases, criminals feel emboldened to commit crimes if they feel like there is no police officer or security guard in their surroundings. However, with High visibility vests, criminals are much more likely to spot police officers, and therefore, be deterred. This can help decrease the frequency of crimes, and protect police officers from getting into dangerous situations as well.

Modern High visibility vests like the High Vis Ballistic vest from Ace Link Armor are also available with multiple types of armor panels. These include standard panels, Flexcore panels, and dual protection panels.

Standard ballistic panels are the normal Kevlar armor panels used in your typical bulletproof vest. However, the Ace Link Armor standard panels offer you the most reliable protection that you can get. They are built with an internal trauma pad, which effectively disperses the impact of incoming bullets, and reduced the blunt force impact. The Standard armor panels from Ace Link armor are also designed to take multiple hits and can stop more shots reliably than other types of panels.

Flexcore panels are designed to be more lightweight and flexible. They are less than a quarter-inch in thickness and stop multiple hits from level 3A-rated threats. These armor panels conform to the wearer’s body and they are especially great for female shooters, who have trouble with the fitting of standard ballistic panels.

Lastly, we have Dual Protection Ballistic panels. These panels are designed to offer protection against both ballistic threats, and stabbing attacks. They offer level 3A ballistic protection, and NIJ-rated Stab 1 protection.

With the use of these advanced armor panels and the incorporation of vibrant and reflective color patterns, High Visibility Ballistic Vests offer an excellent protection system for law enforcement officials and security guards who want their position to be overt and act as a deterrent. Moreover, all Ace Link armor panels come with an industry-leading 8-year warranty.


High-Vis Bulletproof Vest Level IIIA Flexcore
Price $900.00
Patrol Bulletproof Vest Laser-cut Level IIIA Flexcore
Price $902.00

Comfort and Adjustability

Police officers and security guards have to wear their body armor for very long periods of time. They are usually on duty for up to 12 hours at a time and need to have comfortable body armor, that is easily adjustable and lightweight.

One of the main reasons why police officers or security guards don’t wear their personal protective equipment is that it can be heavy and uncomfortable. Modern ballistic vests solve this problem by using flexible ballistic panels, and by being super adjustable.

Modern High visibility ballistic vests come with adjustable shoulder straps and cumberbunds, which allows them to fit almost any body type comfortably.


So, in conclusion, Modern high Visibility Ballistic vests can have several advantages over traditional vests. They offer better protection against traffic accidents and allow police officers and security guards to have a more overt, and commanding position. However, there is a common trend among police officers to not wear these High Visibility vests. Some officers believe that it will make them stand out and be in more danger, whereas some don’t fight the vibrant orange or bright colors appealing. However, stats have shown that roadside accidents, where oncoming drivers can’t see police officers or first responders working on the road have led to a significant amount of accidents over the past decade. Therefore, wearing these modern high visibility tactical vests could help you improve your personal protection, and deter crime more effectively.

So, Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your personal safety. Upgrade to a high-visibility ballistic vest today and experience the peace of mind that comes with advanced protection and increased visibility on the job. Contact us now to place your order or to learn more about the different levels of protection available