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Body armor exists for one reason, and one reason only- to save the lives of those who wear it.  It could easily be classified as equipment used for self-defense as well as personal protection.  Vest carriers, often also called plate carriers, armor carriers, or tact vest by those that use them, are a part of personal protective equipment that law enforcement uses every day to help accomplish their tasks and keep them safe. Without the carrier, body armor  would have to be linked together like the knights of old, or it would have to be fashioned in some other way in order to do its job of providing ballistic coverage with its different panel sections.  Due to the fact that plate carriers allow front, back, groin, and spine body armor panels to be worn in a protective fashion; the carrier vest is both easily worn and maintained.


For the civilian, public safety professional, or military police, their body armor protection comes in many shapes, sizes, features, and brands, each from differing manufacturers of ballistic products. A weapons instructor may need a bright colored outer vest carrier to be visible and safety minded amongst student shooters at the range; where a tactical team member from the police dept. may need a plate carrier vest that can hold both soft panels and hard armor plates due to the threat present on a tactical call-out. Whichever type of vest carrier the wearer chooses to deploy with, they can do so knowing their vest will protect them and allow them to do their jobs with confidence. That is part of what makes theses vests so great, they can be easily switched out and adopted to any situations and come in a number of different patterns. While certain vests are designed for specific factions such as with law enforcement or the military, at the end of the day they are so similar that if an individual is looking to purchase one and does not quite know what to look for, they will more than likely end up purchasing one that will satisfy all their needs and help them accomplish their mission.


What were once only worn over police uniforms for special events and emergency situations, became concealable body armor that stayed underneath uniforms for a professional and inconspicuous appearance. Today, the modern plate carrier or vest carrier, is offered in a number of styles and configurations by various companies, being sold to those involved in law enforcement and civilians alike. In addition the plate carries themselves, body armor styles and models offered by companies; like the Blauer Vest Carrier, are offered in a number of different styles and camouflage patterns as well, and are once again being worn on the outside of police uniforms. External vest carriers provide the wearer with better load-bearing qualities and keep the body cooler by allowing body heat to escape instead of being trapped inside the uniform shirt. The carrier plates on plate carriers can also be swapped out and adjust for the combat situation people find themselves in much more readily as well. Other features on external vest plate carriers include sewn-in permanent equipment pockets, or modular MOLLE plate carrier features that use webbing material to mount pouches on carriers and placed according to the wearer’s preference.

Military and civilian carriers operate in much of the same way as police carriers but can vary slightly in the way that they are setup, as the needs of military personal and Joe Smoe are different than an officers. In many cases these carriers are focused less on carrying equipment for the persons in questions, and more on carrying ammunition and weapons as a sign of how different the needs are for these people. Whereas with a majority of police officers, their main weapon of choice is a sidearm in which ammo can be carried much more easily, and instead they need to utilize their vests in such a way as too carry various gear such as handcuffs, life savings drugs such as NARCAN, and body cameras. While an individual may take this as a sign that the two are not interchangeable, they in fact are, as the operations conducted by them have many similarities as well.

Plate carriers, or vest carriers are offered by a number of companies, among them are Ace Link Armor , which offers its customers a wide selection of plate carriers as well as carrier plate options that can be used in a person’s tac vest. Some of the plate carrier options that they have available are their quad release plate carrier, SKELETEC brand carriers, Tactop carriers, and an assortment of other vest carrier options such as their M.S.O.V. with can accommodate different level gear, such as IIIA, III or IV. In addition to this, by creating an account to stay connected with Ace Link Armor, you are given free shipping on all your carriers order as a sign of good will from the company.



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