What To Keep In The Trunk Of Your Car In Case Of An Active Shooter Situation

Men wearing Tactical Plate Carrier in Tan

In today’s world, you never know what is going to happen. Because of this, it pays to be as prepared as possible. Preparing for an active shooter situation is one of these possible scenarios, so how can you be as safe as possible? There are a few things that you can have and keep in the trunk of the car to ensure that you have everything you need to get out of the situation as safe as possible!


One important item to keep in the trunk is a simple plate carrier. A plate carrier will allow you to have some body armor on hand which could very well be your best line of defense in an active shooter situation. With your plate carrier, it is important to know what kind of body armor it is designed for and compatible with. Many plate carriers are compatible with soft IIIA armor, as well as hard plates that are designed for rifle rounds. The type of armor you choose to use with your plate carrier will largely depend on the carrier you are using as well as your own needs and wants out of your body armor.


If you don’t want a plate carrier with hard plates to weigh you down, you should opt for a lightweight plate carrier with lightweight armor. This will best suit most people, and it will also allow you to use it in conjunction with soft armor panels to ensure comfort and most importantly, mobility. Soft body armor is significantly more lightweight, and will still give you great protection while allowing you to move and have good agility. Something like the Quadrelease bundle with included soft armor is a great option in order to keep everything lightweight and easy to move with.

Product Comparision

React Plate Carrier Soft Armor Level 3A
React Plate Carrier with Soft Armor Level 3A
Price $483.00
Formoza Plate Carrier Soft Armor Level 3A
Formoza Plate Carrier with Soft Armor Level 3A
Price $477.00


With all the talk about body armor, you may be asking yourself, “do I really need a helmet?” The answer is yes! Something as simple as a lightweight MICH ballistic helmet is more than enough to help complete the entire body armor kit for an active shooter situation. Not only are these amazing helmets designed and constructed to withstand gunshots, but they also help protect your head from other trauma you may encounter. When paired with a plate carrier, this helmet does a great job during emergencies!


Plate carriers may not always be the ideal choice, or you may have limited space to store them. You may also want something more concealable, and if that is the case, then a concealable bulletproof vest might be a better option! But what bulletproof vest is the best for an active shooter situation?


Concealable bulletproof vests are the best option if you want to have your body armor on you at all times. They can be worn underneath your clothing and are a little more discreet than plate carriers, allowing you to take them more places (instead of keeping them in the trunk of your car). Our Spectre concealable vest is a perfect way to stay covered and protected while still staying comfortable. It can handle multiple rounds from even the most powerful handguns, allowing you to sleep well at night knowing you have it in case of worst-case scenarios.

Undercover Police Officer wearing Quantum Bulletproof Vest Level IIIA

Quantum Concealable Bulletproof Vest

The Quantum Concealable vest offers level 3A protection, and can stop most handgun rounds up to a .44 magnum. It is made from Durable 600D Polyester fabric, and has a space mesh internal lining for improved air circulation.


The popularity of bulletproof backpacks has exploded in recent years and continues to grow. With the rise in school shootings, these backpacks can provide a simple yet effective solution to stay just a little bit safer should you or a loved one find yourself in an unfortunate situation with an active shooter! So no matter what your individual needs are, you are sure to find the right bulletproof backpack out there If you can’t have a plate carrier and don’t want to wear or bring a vest with you, then the most concealable option for body armor is a simple armored T-shirt.

Our Apex bulletproof T-shirt is easily the most discreet and concealable body armor option out on the market today. The only thing you will have to do to conceal it is simply wear a shirt over the top of it and you are set. Nobody will know you are wearing the body armor and you will be ready for any situation that should arise. And just like other body armor systems, this shirt can stop multiple rounds from even a 44 magnum.

Concealed Armor T-Shirt Level 3A


All the protection of a light armor vest with the convenience and comfort of a t-shirt. Constructed from moisture wicking 85% polyester/15% spandex compression fabric with antimicrobial properties built. Armor pocket is designed for plates not exceeding three pounds. The most comfortable, concealable, and convenient way to wear light body armor.

The problem has been that 10×12 panels are not an exact fit, especially at the bottom. Our development engineer designed a 10×12” soft panel with a slight V-angle that makes the panels fit the shirts much better and more comfortably.


Keeping some body armor in the trunk of your car can be a great way to stay more prepared in the unfortunate event you have an active shooter in the area. Not only will you be more prepared for yourself, but it can also help out those around you. From plate carriers to concealable vests or shirts, there is a perfect option for everyone!