Body Armor For Back-to-school Time

Rapid Deploy Backpack Tan

During this time of year, parents and children alike are preparing to return back to school. Unfortunately in today’s world, this also means considering taking extra safety precautions. Body armor is one of the best ways to help provide some extra safety and security in school situations, from armored vests for the school’s security to bulletproof backpacks to help protect students. There is a wide variety of different tools that can help make back-to-school time a little less stressful and provide some more peace of mind when it counts!


School security should have their own set of armor, preferably a bulletproof vest to help protect them from potential threats. These vests should protect them but also be comfortable enough to wear all day long. This makes a soft armor vest, especially one that offers dual protection from knives and blunt objects, a great option for any security officers while at school. A soft armored vest still provides plenty of excellent protection, however, in addition to being comfortable. Most of these vests provide 3A level protection, which will protect you against almost all handgun rounds. This level of armor provides the best overall protection in comparison to the weight and comfort levels it provides.


As effective as bulletproof vests are, they are simply not realistic when it comes to kids. So what do you do when you can’t use or wear a bulletproof vest? Bulletproof backpacks not only provide for your child’s safety but gives you your own peace of mind. While no parent wants there to ever be a need for these types of things, it is always better to have it than not. And while no backpack or vest provides invincibility during a dangerous situation, they do provide an important layer of bullet-stopping material than can easily save a life.

Not only are bulletproof backpacks able to give you extra peace of mind, but they also provide protection without standing out or drawing any extra attention. Bulletproof backpacks look just like ordinary school backpacks, and no one will even know that they can stop a bullet if the need arises.

Not only are bulletproof backpacks able to give you extra peace of mind, but they also provide protection without standing out or drawing any extra attention.


Not all bulletproof backpacks are created equal. Some are very basic in their design and simply provide a space to place a bulletproof insert, while others go above and beyond to give you a deployable vest to allow for better protection. For example, the Rapid Deploy Bulletproof Backpack from Ace Link Armor gives you a complete vest that deploys from the backpack and provides both frontal and backside coverage for ultimate protection.

From the outside, the Rapid Deploy backpack appears like any other basic backpack. With a quick motion, however, you can deploy the front coverage bulletproof vest and have the coverage of a full vest straight from the backpack. From a casual backpack to a quick bulletproof vest, this product is perfect for those that want added protection and security without advertising it. Whether it is for a student or security guard, this backpack is perfect for those wanting concealable protection that can be rapidly deployed when needed.

Rapid Deploy Backpack Tan


The Rapid Deploy Bulletproof Backpack is the perfect solution for professionals committed to being prepared. With the ability to transform from a backpack to a bulletproof vest, with customizable and removable panels to fit any body type, this pack has more options than ever before. NIJ06 Level IIIA (not included) protection panels included: 10×12″ and 11×14″ so you can be as safe as humanly possible while not sacrificing style or comfortability on the go. Due to the body armor being in a backpack, it can weigh less than traditional body armor and be easier to wear for long periods of time.




With all of the talk about ballistic armor and bulletproof gear, many people may wonder if the campus police and school security officers should also be wearing helmets. While it is true that ballistic helmets can offer some additional protection and that a shot to the head can be fatal, they are simply not realistic to wear on an everyday basis. This is the same reason that police will wear bulletproof vests but not helmets while they are on patrol.

Even though helmets give you this extra protection, they are also extremely cumbersome and heavy. This makes them very uncomfortable, so for campus police that are working all day, this means that they are simply not realistic to wear. On top of being heavy and uncomfortable, they also put more people on edge than a simple bulletproof vest. Many vests are also concealable, while a helmet is not.


Many school safety officers who wear vests have the option of wearing one of these concealable vests. This can be a great option, but not all vests that are “concealable” are actually small enough or provide the protection needed to be useful. Luckily there are vests like the Skeletac Hybrid bulletproof vest that can give you the best of both worlds. Providing 3A level protection, this vest is extremely flexible and lightweight thanks to its panels and construction.

The best aspect of this vest is its versatility. Although it can easily function as an outer vest that can even hold different armor plates and panels, this vest really shines as a concealable option that can be worn underneath other clothing. And even though it is thin and lightweight, it can still stop multiple threats from things like 9mm, 40 S&W, 357 Mag, and 44 Magnum. The unique design helps to disperse the impact from these rounds and protects you better than any other vest.


Spectre Bulletproof Vest Level IIIA Standard
Price $565.00
React Plate Carrier
Minimalist & Low Profile Accommodates 10×12 Plates
Price $123.24


Schools starting back up after a long summer break is often an exciting time of year, but in today’s times, it also comes with a little hesitation. Luckily there are plenty of protection options that you can employ in order to help protect you and your loved ones during the back-to-school activities, and you can enjoy more peace of mind at the same time!