• React Plate Carrier

  • Formoza Tactical Plate Carrier

  • Skeletac Plate Carrier

  • Tactical Belt Multicam

  • Tactical Belt Multicam Black

  • Tactical Belt Black

  • Tactical Belt Tan

  • Tactical Belt Ranger Green

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    Tactical Armor Tactical Armor

    React Plate Carrier Soft Armor Level 3A

  • Formoza Plate Carrier Soft Armor Level 3A

  • Quadrelease Ultra Plate Carrier Level 3 11×14″ Armor Plates 6×13″ Side Panels

  • Quadrelease Ultra Plate Carrier Level 3 11×14″ Armor Plates 6×13″ Side Panels

  • Quadrelease Ultra Plate Carrier Level 3A Soft Armor Side Panels

  • Quadrelease Ultra Plate Carrier Level 3+ 11×14″ Armor Plates

  • Quadrelease Ultra PLate Carrier Level 3 11×14″ Armor Plates

  • Quadrelease Ultra Plate Carrier for 11×14″ Armor Plates

  • Quadrelease Tactical Plate Carrier

  • Tactop Convertable Plate Carrier Pistol Bag



For Police, civilian or military, personal protection and safety is essential in order to carry out their duties of protecting others. But what happens when the protectors need assistance themselves? they call on those who are tactically trained to deal with officer rescue or high risk operations. These tactical teams also rely on specialized protection and equipment in the form of tactical gear, armor plates, and ballistic Kevlar vests. Since the dawn of firearms, man has been on the search for protective gear that could save his and his comrades lives, and tactical armor solves that search.


Special teams are not only visually set apart from their conventional counterparts, their specialized tactics and training require them to be equipped with vests, pants, boots, gloves and armor.  Their Bulletproof Kevlar vest also sets them apart from patrol with Armor Plate Carriers worn that hold hard armor plates, able to stop high velocity rifle ammunition designed to pierce even high-end body armor. In the past, these items came at a high price for those wanting to wear them, in today’s world though, however, they can be found at much more affordable rates, and is a sign of how far gear has evolved.


With the advent of and increased popularity of clothing and gear from tactical assault teams, regular police patrol and corrections officers are now issued highly advanced helmets, vests, gloves, boots, and hard armor plates instead of soft armor for a bulletproof vest. Even Holsters are now so advanced they are designed for pistols with electronic sights, and even activate officer’s body cameras upon the draw. The price for all these new forms of ballistic gear and technology that is worn on the body of officers is a sign of how much the field has changed recently, with officers and tactical teams alike, on the search for anything that can give them an edge over those that they are going up against. With new Ballistic gear coming out every day, the high price that once prohibited this body armor from being worn by everyday officer not on special teams, can now be seen on the body of those who are new to the profession.

There are also multiple companies that produce plate carriers and vests. 5.11, AR500 , Ace Link Armor and Condor make armor plate carriers in popular styles and patterns that are widely used by both government and civilian sporting arms enthusiast alike. Ace Link Armor in particular offers a wide range of tactical carriers at lower price points than the competition. With a wide range of options available, a person can find the tactical vest that best fits the needs of the situation they will find themselves most likely to be in, at a price that will not break the bank. If when shopping around, you find that you cannot decide on the type of carriers you need, or what type of body armor would be best for your situation, feel free to contact us and one of our associates will be able to help you choose the body armor or carriers systems that will fit your tactical situation best.


Companies with tactical stores and distribution headquarters such as 5.11 Tactical, Propper International, and Under Armour are now making tactical clothing for both officers and civilians alike. These companies offer a wide range of high-end gear and even plate carriers. While not all of them offer body armor, these companies are competitive when on the search for tactical gear, with many offering prices that range for price high to low, price low to high, or anywhere in between. Almost anyone can wear tactical inspired gear, there is no need to be affiliated with law enforcement or the military and is a further sign of how far it has come. people from all professions- from athletes to enforcers- are wearing shirts, jackets, and even shorts with cargo or ammunition magazine and knife-type storage pockets that are tactically inspired. Concealment type tactical clothing are also popular in both the civilian and tactical world for every day carry (EDC) and self-defense. Similar to other forms of tactical gear, these products offer a wide price range but can also be configured to work with body armor. The price for concealable body armor is usually a higher price than non-concealable body armor, but like with anything else, if one is determined enough, they will find what they are looking for at a price low during a sale, and can avoid paying a high price for such things.



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