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How to Conceal Your Bulletproof Vest Under Clothing: Tips and Tricks for Everyday Wear

Body armor and ballistic vests can be very effective pieces of gear for personal protection, however, very few people talk about the adverse social, and psychological effects wearing Overt body armor has.  The main purpose of a bulletproof vest, for both civilians and law enforcement, is to increase their survivability. Now, in many cases, an individual’s survivability depends a lot […]
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The benefits of choosing a high visibility ballistic vest for law enforcement and security guards

Law enforcement officials, security guards, and first responders have to deal with a lot of dangerous situations daily. When everyone runs away from the danger, these brave men and women run towards it and protect the lives of their fellow citizens. Therefore, they need to have some sort of protection for themselves, and this is why body armor and ballistic […]
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The role of concealed body armor in protecting VIPs from active shooter situations.

VIPs or “Very Important Persons” is a term mainly used for highly valued individuals. These people, like politicians, high-ranking government officers, business executives, and celebrities have an influential status in society, which brings a lot of attention from people with ill intentions as well. These VIPs and their families are at a higher risk of facing assassination attempts, kidnappings, and […]
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Stab-Proof Vest Maintenance and Care: Tips for Security Professionals

When someone mentioned body armor, most of us think about bulletproof vests. However, stabproof vests are also a common form of protective gear that has several use cases. Firstly, it is important to understand that Bulletproof Armor and Stab resistant Armor are completely different. A typical bulletproof vest isn’t designed to resist knife attacks. It may be able to stop […]
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Real-World Performance of Bulletproof Vests: what to expect in a high-stress situation

Everyday, police officers, security guards, and military personnel operate in dangerous and high-stress situations. Their body armor is one of the most important parts of their gear, which provides them safety from bullet strikes, and gives them the confidence to handle these situations to keep society safe. Moreover, civilians can also use body armor, and in a stressful situation like […]
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Measurement, Fit, and Coverage of Body Armor

Body armor that is perfectly sized and fitted improves the user’s performance and safety by offering protection without impeding movement. Appropriate and precise measurements are the first step in having body armor that fits well. The measuring guidelines provided by this practice will promote consistency in measurement across the body armor industry and enable wearers to understand accurate measures. A […]
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What To Do When An Officer Wearing Body Armor Is Shot?

Body armor is an essential piece of protective gear for law enforcement officers. One of the most dangerous threats that U.S. law enforcement officers still have to deal with is firearms. Although there is no such thing as bulletproof armor, many different types of pistol and rifle ammunition can be protected by wearing ballistic-resistant body armor. Body armor is an essential piece of protective gear for law enforcement officers.  Although there is no such thing as bulletproof armor, many different types of pistol and rifle ammunition can be protected by wearing ballistic-resistant body armor. What it feels like to be shot Even with the best body armor, getting shot will at least leave you with a bruised sternum. You’ll at least feel like you’ve been hit in the chest with a sledgehammer if […]
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Real-life examples of armor plates saving lives on the battlefield

Armor has been an essential part of warfare for a very long time. With the advancement of weapons, body armor has also evolved over the centuries. Modern body armor has a very important field on the modern battlefield, where it keeps soldiers safe from enemy fire, and protects them from various other ballistic threats. Body armor protects millions of police […]
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How can we better protect our children?

The rising numbers of public and school shootings have everyone worried. Parents are especially worried, as policymakers and security personnel fail to develop a reliable system for the protection of our children when they are at school. In the midst of this chaos, many parents have taken the protection of their children into their own hands, and many manufacturers are […]
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Why Should You Wear Body Armor?

One of the most significant threats that law enforcement officials in the US must deal with is firearms. More than 3,000 police officers’ lives have been saved by ballistic-resistant soft body armor over the past three decades. Body armor is an essential piece of protective gear for law enforcement and prison personnel. Worst case scenarios More than 15,000 law enforcement […]
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Handling, Cleaning, and Storage of Bulletproof Vest

The wearing of bullet-resistant gear or other protective tactical gear to save a life is very necessary for members of the armed forces, law enforcement officers, and security employees. In many cases, body armor is bulky, heavy, and uncomfortable. Ballistic protection can frequently be very immobile. Ace Link Armor is the leading manufacturer and distributor of personal body armor products […]
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Equipping your vest with Armor Plates

Most tactical vests have compartments to add different body armor panels and plates. These armor plates determine the level of protection you get by wearing the tactical vest. Soft body armor panels, which are usually used in bulletproof vests, are made from Kevlar. They are more flexible, and lighter, however, they offer less ballistic protection than hard body armor plates. […]
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